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2023 | Book

A Brief History of High-Speed Rail

Authors: Qizhou Hu, Siyuan Qu

Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore


About this book

This book introduces the basic knowledge, concepts, terms and development process of high-speed rail (HSR) and summarizes its main achievements at this stage. It mainly expounds the connotation of high-speed rail to readers from two different aspects of theory and technology. The book explains the development process of high-speed rail in terms of time: yesterday's wheel rail high-speed rail, today's maglev high-speed rail and tomorrow's super high-speed rail; and also spatially, making a comparative analysis of the development around the world.
This book can be used as a reading material for scientific researchers, engineering technicians, management workers, teachers and students of colleges and universities as well as high-speed railfans.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
With the official operation of the world’s first High-speed Rail (HSR) in Japan on October 1, 1964, HSR opened a new era of transportation development. “There is not a fastest vehicle, but only faster vehicle”, speed and capacity are eternal pursuit of mankind. No matter what kind of transportation (trains, cars, airplanes, ships, etc.), the requirements of human beings for it not only depend on speed but also on transport capacity.
Qizhou Hu, Siyuan Qu
Chapter 2. Conceptual Terminology of HSR
As a safe, reliable, fast, comfortable, large-capacity, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly transportation vehicle, HSR has become the mainstream transportation in the world, leading humanity to a new era.
Qizhou Hu, Siyuan Qu
Chapter 3. Attribute Characteristics of HSR
At present, HSR is the transportation mode with the fastest running speed, the longest operating mileage and the largest carrying capacity. Compared with other modes of transportation (cars, airplanes, traditional trains, etc.), HSR has obvious advantages. Compared with the traditional rail (it is also called ordinary rail in this book), the biggest advantages of HSR are land conservation, high operating speed, low energy consumption, large transportation capacity, excellent industrial structure and good social benefits.
Qizhou Hu, Siyuan Qu
Chapter 4. Wheel High-Speed Rail (WHSR)
WHSR refers to the high-speed rail running on the track and operating at a speed of 200–400 km/h. The HSR, which people currently choose to travel, is also known as the conventional HSR. Currently, Japan, France, Germany and China are the four most mature countries in the development of WHSR technology.
Qizhou Hu, Siyuan Qu
Chapter 5. Magnetic High-Speed Rail (MHSR)
Affected by the air resistance and the track friction, the threshold value of operating speed of WHSR is 400 km/h. If the threshold value exceeds 400 km/h, the WHSR is easy to derail and cause traffic accidents. Then, how can we make the HSR run faster? One idea is to let the HSR train float, so there is no friction between the HSR train and the track. Based on the above ideas, the specialists began to study the magnetic levitation technology.
Qizhou Hu, Siyuan Qu
Chapter 6. Super-Speed Rail (SSR)
In 1776, there would be no steam engine without Watt’s fancy. In 1879, there would be no electric generator without Edison’s unthinkable idea. In 1886, there would be 6no train without Carl Benz’s cock and boll stories. In 1903, there would be no plane without the Wright brothers’ impossible task. In 2013, there would be no SSR without Elon musk’s naive dream.
Qizhou Hu, Siyuan Qu
Chapter 7. Global Village in High-Speed Rail Environment
In the seven continents of the world, except for Antarctica, there are the HSR applications. The development of HSR also promotes regional integration. The high compatibility of HSR is the basis of its international interconnection. Various types of HSR promote the integration of different regions. The WHSR promotes regional integration, and the MHSR promotes the promotion of the continents village, the SSR promotes global integration which is called the global village. Therefore, we must pay attention to the development of HSR. Whichever country has the core technology of HSR (WHSR, MHSR and SSR), the country owns the world.
Qizhou Hu, Siyuan Qu
A Brief History of High-Speed Rail
Qizhou Hu
Siyuan Qu
Copyright Year
Springer Nature Singapore
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