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25-01-2017 - 26-01-2017 | Antriebsstrang | Editor´s Pick | Frankfurt am Main | Event

The Powertrain of Tomorrow 2017

11th International MTZ Conference The main theme will be the synthesis of powertrains, with an emphasin on components and integration in vehicles.

21-02-2017 - 22-02-2017 | Motorentechnik | Editor´s Pick | Event

Commercial Vehicle Engines Program

4th International Engine Congress 2017 - The key issue of lowering CO2 emissions through to complete CO2 neutrality was subject of a heated debate at this year’s Engine Congress in Baden-Baden.

11-06-2017 - 12-06-2017 | Automobil + Motoren | Events | Event

Automotive Acoustics Conference 2017 - 4th International ATZ Conference

The Automotive Acoustics Conference deals with the issue of how development engineers can further improve the NVH behavior of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Rising expectations on the part of ...


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BorgWarnerdSpaceSiemensZF TRW
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