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10-09-2019 | Gasoline Engine | News | Article

Volvo XC90 Features New Mild Hybrid Petrol Engines

Volvo is electrifying the XC90's model range: Two new petrol-engine models, the B5 mild hybrid petrol AWD and B6 mild hybrid petrol AWD, will be added to the series. The conventional T5 AWD and T6 AWD models will be discontinued.

09-09-2019 | Exhaust-gas Aftertreatment | News | Article

New Volkswagen Evo Diesel Engines to Use Twin Dosing Process

In the twin dosing process, AdBlue is injected by two SCR catalysts that are arranged in series, enabling a significant reduction of NOX emissions. The system will be premiered in the new Passat 2.0 TDI Evo.

06-09-2019 | Fuel Cell | News | Article

Elring-Klinger to Showcase Powerful Fuel Cell Stack

Elring-Klinger will be showcasing their diverse range of solutions for electric mobility at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2019 in Frankfurt. The focus will be on a PEM fuel cell stack for automotive and commercial vehicle applications, with a high power density. 

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12-11-2019 - 13-11-2019 | Electro Mobility | Editor´s Pick | Mannheim | Event

Grid Integration of Electric Mobility 2019

4th International ATZ Conference - Electric mobility is one of the most outstanding industrial topics of the present.

12-11-2019 - 13-11-2019 | Electro Mobility | Editor´s Pick | Mannheim | Event

Electrified Mobility 2019

Digitization and Electrification for Sustainable Mobility - 
2. International ATZ Congress

19-11-2019 - 20-11-2019 | Automotive Manufacturing | Editor´s Pick | Frankfurt am Main | Event

Vehicles of Tomorrow 2019

What must sustainable concepts look like in order to meet future mobility requirements?
Concepts - Materials - Construction

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