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From the editorial office - Latest online articles

Test in semiconductor manufacturing

30-05-2023 | Halbleiter | Kompakt erklärt | Article

How Semiconductors Are Manifactured

Silicon wafers are turned into chips in four repeated processes. Lithography is the heart of the complex production process. And if you want to stay competitive, you have to get a handle on the reject rate.

Laser Buildup Welding and Machining in One Process Step

30-05-2023 | Materials Technology | News | Article

Laser Buildup Welding and Machining in One Process Step

Components can be coated and machined simultaneously using a process developed at Fraunhofer ILT. High-strength materials can thus be processed in a short time and with low tool wear.

Software Defined Vehicle

30-05-2023 | Automotive Industry | In the Spotlight | Article

What the Automotive Industry can Learn from the Semiconductor Crisis

The chip shortage has long burdened the car industry. In order to be better prepared for such crises in the future, ISF Munich provides the automotive industry with guidelines for an optimized semiconductor strategy. The six measures at a glance.

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