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02-12-2015 | Book Series

Management for Professionals

The Springer series Management for Professionals comprises high-level business and management books for executives. The authors are experienced business professionals and renowned professors who combine scientific background, best practice, and …

02-12-2015 | Book Series


For decades, the series “The internal combustion engine” (originally published in German language under the title “Die Verbrennungskraftmaschine”) edited by Hans List and Hans Pischinger was an indispensable reference work for engineers in …

02-12-2015 | Book Series

Studies in Big Data

The series "Studies in Big Data" (SBD) publishes new developments and advances in the various areas of Big Data- quickly and with a high quality. The intent is to cover the theory, research, development, and applications of Big Data, as embedded …

02-12-2015 | Book Series

Bosch Professional Automotive Information

Bosch Professional Automotive Information is a definitive reference for automotive engineers. The series is compiled by one of the world´s largest automotive equipment suppliers. All topics are covered in a concise but descriptive way backed up by …

02-12-2015 | Book Series

Mechanical Engineering Series

The Mechanical Engineering Series presents advanced level treatment of topics on the cutting edge of mechanical engineering. Designed for use by students, researchers and practicing engineers, the series presents modern developments in mechanical …

02-12-2015 | Book Series

Energy Systems

The book series on Energy Systems publishes monographs and state-of-the-art expository works which focus on issues regarding the development of sustainable innovative technologies that improves the efficiency of resource and energy utilization.

02-12-2015 | Book Series

Engineering Materials and Processes

The Engineering Materials and Processes series focuses on all forms of materials and the processes used to synthesise and formulate them as they relate to the various engineering disciplines.
The series deals with a diverse range of materials: …

02-12-2015 | Book Series

Mathematical Engineering

Today, the development of high-tech systems is unthinkable without mathematical modeling and analysis of system behavior. As such, many fields in the modern engineering sciences (e.g. control engineering, communications engineering, mechanical …

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