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2019 | Book

Automotive Systems and Software Engineering

State of the Art and Future Trends

This book presents the state of the art, challenges and future trends in automotive software engineering. The amount of automotive software has grown from just a few lines of code in the 1970s to millions of lines in today’s cars. And this trend seems destined to continue in the years to come, considering all the innovations in electric/hybrid, autonomous, and connected cars.

Dr. Yanja Dajsuren, Mark van den Brand

2019 | Book

New Methods and Applications in Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM)

This book presents 27 methods of the Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM), which are not discussed in the existing books, nor studied in details, using more applications. Nowadays, decision making is one of the most important and fundamental …

Alireza Alinezhad, Javad Khalili

2018 | Book

Globalization and the Challenges of Public Administration

Governance, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Ethics, E-Governance and Sustainability in the 21st Century

This book is an attempt to understand the challenges of globalization and governance in the public sector. Written from the perspectives of both developed and developing countries, it uses governance and public administration interchangeably to …

Haroon A. Khan

2017 | Book

A Brief History of Mechanical Engineering

What is mechanical engineering? What a mechanical engineering does? How did the mechanical engineering change through ages? What is the future of mechanical engineering? This book answers these questions in a lucid manner. It also provides a brief …

Uday Shanker Dixit, Manjuri Hazarika, J. Paulo Davim

2018 | Book

Contemporary Issues in Accounting

The Current Developments in Accounting Beyond the Numbers

The book explores the developing challenges and opportunities within the business and finance world which are likely to impact the accounting profession in the near future. It outlines a number of approaches to ensure that the accountants of the …

Elaine Conway, Darren Byrne

2017 | Book

Principles and Applications of Environmental Biotechnology for a Sustainable Future

This textbook on Environmental Biotechnology not only presents an unbiased overview of the practical biological approaches currently employed to address environmental problems, but also equips readers with a working knowledge of the science that …

Ram Lakhan Singh

2016 | Book

Functional Safety for Road Vehicles

New Challenges and Solutions for E-mobility and Automated Driving

This book highlights the current challenges for engineers involved in product development and the associated changes in procedure they make necessary. Methods for systematically analyzing the requirements for safety and security mechanisms are described using examples of how they are implemented in software and hardware.

Hans-Leo Ross

2014 | Book

Bosch Automotive Electrics and Automotive Electronics

Systems and Components, Networking and Hybrid Drive

This is a complete reference guide to automotive electrics and electronics. This new edition of the definitive reference for automotive engineers, compiled by one of the world's largest automotive equipment suppliers, includes new and updated material.

Robert Bosch GmbH

2018 | Book

Behaviour of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles

Battery Health, Performance, Safety, and Cost

This book surveys state-of-the-art research on and developments in lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. It summarizes their features in terms of performance, cost, service life, management, charging facilities, and safety.

Gianfranco Pistoia, Boryann Liaw

2017 | Book

Smart Economy in Smart Cities

International Collaborative Research: Ottawa, St.Louis, Stuttgart, Bologna, Cape Town, Nairobi, Dakar, Lagos, New Delhi, Varanasi, Vijayawada, Kozhikode, Hong Kong

The present book highlights studies that show how smart cities promote urban economic development. The book surveys the state of the art of Smart City Economic Development through a literature survey. The book uses 13 in depth city research case …

T. M. Vinod Kumar

2017 | Book

Current Issues in Economics and Finance

This book discusses wide topics related to current issues in economic growth and development, international trade, macroeconomic and financial stability, inflation, monetary policy, banking, productivity, agriculture and food security. It is a …

Bandi Kamaiah, Dr. C.S. Shylajan, Prof. S. Venkata Seshaiah, Prof. M. Aruna, Dr. Subhadip Mukherjee

2017 | Book

Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age

This engaging and thought-provoking textbook examines the ethical, social, and policy challenges arising from our rapidly and continuously evolving computing technology, ranging from the Internet to the ubiquitous portable devices we use to access …

Prof. Joseph Migga Kizza
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