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24-05-2017 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

Qualcomm Tests Dynamic Inductive Charging

Driving instead of waiting: Qualcomm has demonstrated dynamic inductive charging of electric cars while driving. The system developed for this is capable of charging an electric car dynamically at up to 20 kilowatts at motorway speeds.

22-05-2017 | Driver Assistance Systems | News | Article

Delphi Is a Development Partner of BMW, Intel and Mobileye

BMW, Intel and Mobileye are getting reinforcements: Delphi will contribute its expertise as a development partner and system integrator for their autonomous driving platform.

18-05-2017 | Automotive Electronics + Software | News | Article

Volvo Partners with Google

Both companies want to continue joint development of the Android operating system. The new version with extended functions is expected to be used in Volvo models within two years. 

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Das offizielle Magazin des CIMAC (The International Council on Combustion Engines) berichtet detailliert über Groß- und Industriemotoren aller Art ab einer Zylindergröße von 2,0 l. Autoren aus Wissenschaft und Praxis informieren über aktuelle Technologie-Trends und dokumentieren aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse.
Das international verbreitete Journal in englischer Sprache fördert so den Informationstransfer und Austausch zwischen Herstellern, Anwendern und Zulieferern im Bereich Großmotoren. Eine Zeitschrift für Ingenieure.


  • Dieselmotoren
  • Gasmotoren
  • Emissionen/Abgasnachbehandlung
  • Einspritzsysteme
  • Kraftstoffeffizienz, u.a.
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