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MTZ industrial

2011 - 2018
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Issue 2/2018
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Why are LFP Cells so Attractive?

Battery In a Nutshell

Lithium iron phosphate cells have long led a shadowy existence in the automotive sector. However, a rethink is currently taking place. Why this is the case and why LFP cells are becoming more and more established. 

Global Semiconductor Revenues Decline

According to Gartner, global semiconductor revenues decline. This also had a negative impact on several semiconductor manufacturers in 2023. 

Four-Cylinder Turbo in the Mercedes-AMG GT

09-04-2024 Sports Car News

New entry-level model for the super sports car from Affalterbach: The Mercedes-AMG GT 43 Coupé is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine.

TTTech Auto and BlackBerry QNX Expand Cooperation

TTTech Auto and BlackBerry deepen their partnership. A new product is to help overcome the growing complexity challenges in the field of software-defined vehicles.

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About this journal


Das offizielle Magazin des CIMAC (The International Council on Combustion Engines) berichtet detailliert über Groß- und Industriemotoren aller Art ab einer Zylindergröße von 2,0 l. Autoren aus Wissenschaft und Praxis informieren über aktuelle Technologie-Trends und dokumentieren aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse.
Das international verbreitete Journal in englischer Sprache fördert so den Informationstransfer und Austausch zwischen Herstellern, Anwendern und Zulieferern im Bereich Großmotoren. Eine Zeitschrift für Ingenieure.


  • Dieselmotoren
  • Gasmotoren
  • Emissionen/Abgasnachbehandlung
  • Einspritzsysteme
  • Kraftstoffeffizienz, u.a.
MTZ industrial
Volume 1/2011 - Volume 8/2018
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