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28-03-2024 | Automated Driving | Editor´s Pick | News

Nissan Launches Autonomous Mobility Service

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Nissan launches pilot tests for autonomous driving in Japan. The car manufacturer wants to commercialize its highly automated mobility services there.

Demographic change and the associated shortage of drivers are presenting Japanese municipalities with ever greater challenges. Nissan wants to respond to this with various mobility solutions to solve the transportation problems of local communities. The first pilot tests are due to start in the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama in 2024. The autonomy level is to be gradually increased during the tests with a Serena minivan in order to assess its acceptance by customers.

From 2025, demonstration tests are planned in the Yokohama area, including Minato Mirai, Sakuragi-cho and Kannai. A total of 20 vehicles with safety drivers on board are to be used there. The car manufacturer plans to commercialize its self-developed autonomous mobility services in Japan by the 2027 financial year. These are to be launched from 2027 in three to four municipalities with several dozen vehicles at SAE level 4.

This is a partly automated translation of this German article.


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