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08-06-2020 | Automated Driving | News | Article

Volvo Models to Have Integrated Lidar Roof Modules From 2022

Patrick Schäfer
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Car manufacturer Volvo has announced that it will be working closely with Luminar to integrate their Lidar modules into the roofs of Volvo models from 2022 onwards.

Volvo is employing Lidar technology from Luminar to enable autonomous driving. Models built from 2022 that are based on the SPA 2 platform are due to be fitted with the necessary hardware for autonomous driving as soon as the software is ready and the legal requirements are met. The Lidar sensors will be integrated into the car roof. Volvo's optional Highway Pilot is designed to allow autonomous driving on motorways. Volvo is also looking into introducing Lidar sensors as standard in order to improve the performance of other driver assistance systems.

"Soon, your Volvo will be able to drive autonomously on highways when the car determines it is safe to do so," says Henrik Green. The Lidar sensors use pulses of laser light to scan the surrounding environment in 3D, creating a temporary, real-time map. . The Lidar technology will be combined with autonomous drive software as well as cameras, radars and back-up systems for steering, braking and battery power. The software will also be compatible with OTA technology.

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