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24-05-2019 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

Land Rover to Enhance and Electrify the Discovery Sport Model

Patrick Schäfer

The Land Rover Discovery Sport, which has been in production since 2015, is getting a facelift. The four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine will be fitted with 48 V mild hybrid technology. A plug-in hybrid variant with a 3-cylinder petrol engine is also due for release.

Land Rover has given the upcoming 2020 model of its compact SUV Discovery Sport a facelift. Some of the new features include LED headlamps at the front and rear, a new front grille and bumpers and an optimised interior. The Premium Transverse Architecture (PTA) now accommodates a mild hybrid electric drive. The new Discovery Sport is available in S, SE and HSE trim levels, in addition to the R-Dynamic variant. 

Apart from the D150 economy model with a manual transmission and front-wheel drive, all diesel and petrol engine models of the Discovery Sport are equipped with 48 V technology. The mild hybrid system uses a belt-integrated starter generator that harvests energy during deceleration and stores it in the under-floor batteries. The engine will shut off when the driver applies the brakes at speeds below 17 km/h (11 mph). A plug-in hybrid drive is to follow in 2019. The models with All-Wheel Drive (AWD) benefit from the 'Driveline Disconnect' system that reduces frictional losses by disengaging drive to the rear wheels under steady state cruising. 

The Land Rover Discovery Sport features improved connectivity

The interior has been transformed to provide more space for both passengers and storage. In addition, the compact SUV now features the Touch Pro Infotainment System with a 10-inch HD touchscreen, inductive charging for smartphones and a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, plus USB sockets and 12 V connectivity points on every one of the three rows. The 'ClearSight Smart View' interior rear mirror displays images from the rear view camera at the flick of a switch. 'ClearSight Ground View' technology that was first included in the Evoque is now also available in the Discovery Sport. Onboard cameras provide a 180-degree view of the ground in front of the driver. 

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