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08-09-2017 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

Continental Showcases its Cockpit of the Future

Patrick Schäfer

Increasing digitisation is setting new requirements for the user interface. At the IAA 2017, Continental is showcasing its vision of the cockpit of the future with a mixed reality format.  

Automotive supplier Continental will show a clay model without any instruments that transforms into the cockpit of the future using an augmented reality headset. Brief scenarios will be used to demonstrate innovative HMI (human-machine interface) control and entertainment elements. 

New forms of mobility such as automated driving will make new operating and vehicle interior designs possible. With this flexible cockpit concept, certain elements would be hidden during the automated ride and would be revealed only when needed using the intelligent interfaces in Continental’s Cockpit Vision. In addition to the steering wheel, mirror displays and other screens could also be adapted to the specific driving situation. The windscreen will therefore be used as a monitor during the automated ride.

In future, the cockpit will adapt to the driver and the driving situation

The "smart control" driving assistant has been specially devised for automated driving. Smart control could notify the driver where on the road the vehicle will assume control, that is when the driver will become the user.

While the design of these new operating concepts still lies in the future, Continental’s Integrated Interior Platform (IIP) has allowed the company to create a hardware solution for a holistic HMI. All the vehicle’s input and output devices, as well as mobile devices, are controlled with a single electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU can link the driver, mobile devices, other transport users, the infrastructure and the cloud, as well as allow information to be freely positioned via flexible displays in the vehicle interior. This would allow the driver to customise the cockpit design in future.

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