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Brand Page Attachment

An Empirical Study on Facebook Users’ Attachment to Brand Pages


About this book

Barbara Kleine-Kalmer analyses the impact of branding in social networks and introduces the construct of brand page attachment. On the basis of a comprehensive quantitative study she validates the construct as relevant for user behavior and investigates which instruments and antecedents influence brand page attachment. Through these conceptually and empirically profound analyses, the author detects interesting implications for the management of brands in the context of social media.

Table of Contents

A Relevance of social networks for brand management
Due to innovations in technology, numerous social media platforms have been launched in the past decade. The term social media embraces all kinds of digital media that provide platforms for users to interact. Social media can be characterised as a “group of internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user generated content.”
Barbara Kleine-Kalmer
B Theoretical foundations
The corner stone for branding was set with the start of mass production at the beginning of the twentieth century. Producers labelled their supplies for recognition purposes. Those labels were employed as a guarantee for steady product quality and recognisable product (packaging) design. During the course of the early twentieth century branding became more and more sophisticated. With the beginning of the 1960s markets for consumer goods were saturated and products converged, so branding became the only way of differentiation.
Barbara Kleine-Kalmer
C Empirical validation of antecedents and consequences of brand page attachment
The theoretical framework that has been elaborated in chapter B lays the ground for the empirical study. The research model illustrated in Figure 21 shall be validated empirically. In the following, the process and methods that are employed will be introduced.
Barbara Kleine-Kalmer
D Conclusion, reflection and outlook
The topic of branding in social networks has recently gained a lot of public attention due to the high reach among existing and potential customers. In Germany, nearly one quarter of all internet users like at least one brand page in a social network, a representative study conducted by BITKOM (2013) shows. This equals around 13 million internet users. Among the 14-29-year-olds nearly half of the internet users are “fan” of a brand page in a social network.
Barbara Kleine-Kalmer
Brand Page Attachment
Barbara Kleine-Kalmer
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