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Business & Information Systems Engineering 1/2020
Business & Information Systems Engineering

Issue 1/2020


Table of Contents (7 Articles)

11-11-2019 | Editorial

High Performance Business Computing
Guido Schryen, Natalia Kliewer, Andreas Fink

09-12-2019 | Research Paper

Efficient Model Points Selection in Insurance by Parallel Global Optimization Using Multi CPU and Multi GPU
Ana Maria Ferreiro-Ferreiro, José Antonio García-Rodríguez, Luis A. Souto, Carlos Vázquez

25-11-2019 | Profile

Interview with Utz-Uwe Haus on “High Performance Computing in Economic Environments: Opportunities and Challenges”
Guido Schryen, Natalia Kliewer, Andreas Fink

22-03-2019 | Research Paper

Scheduling Flexible Demand in Cloud Computing Spot Markets
A Real Options Approach
Robert Keller, Lukas Häfner, Thomas Sachs, Gilbert Fridgen

12-08-2019 | Research Paper

Data Impact Analysis in Business Processes
Automatic Support and Practical Implications
Arava Tsoury, Pnina Soffer, Iris Reinhartz-Berger

06-08-2018 | Research Paper

Designing Business Analytics Solutions
A Model-Driven Approach
Soroosh Nalchigar, Eric Yu

29-08-2019 | Catchword

Digital Nomads
Shahper Richter, Alexander Richter

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