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26-03-2024 | Ceramic Technology | Editor´s Pick | News

Mantec Lands Largest Ever Order for Microporous Refractory Product

Author: Holger Seybold

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The largest single order with a total volume of 520m3 for a microporous refractory product that provides lightweight, super-insulating mass in tunnel kiln cars, is currently being delivered.

Delivery is underway for Mantec Technical Ceramics’ largest single order of Ultralite, its microporous refractory product that provides lightweight, super-insulative mass in tunnel kiln cars. The contract – comprising a total volume of 520m3 – was placed by one of Europe’s leading kiln construction companies.

The tunnel kilns involved will be using Ultralite ULF (two types, with ratings of 1000°C and 1200°C), a free-flowing, fiber-free loose fill material that can deliver anything up to a 25% improvement in kiln car energy consumption and 40% reduction in car weight. The order also includes URC 12, a refractory castable. The customer chose these Ultralite materials as they are lightweight, high insulating products that reduce the thermal mass inside kiln cars, retaining useful energy inside the kiln rather than it being wasted on adsorption into the heavy base. To give an idea of scale, the product being shipped in this order would effectively insulate around 100 kiln cars.

Ultralite broke new ground for Mantec last year when it attained Carbon Neutral status through Climate Partner, a solutions provider for climate action. All three grades in this order have been passed as carbon neutral, making them even more attractive for the customer.


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