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01-09-2017 | Original Article | Issue 5/2017 Open Access

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 5/2017

Challenges and Requirements for the Application of Industry 4.0: A Special Insight with the Usage of Cyber-Physical System

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering > Issue 5/2017
Egon Mueller, Xiao-Li Chen, Ralph Riedel


Considered as a top priority of industrial development, Industry 4.0 (or Industrie 4.0 as the German version) has being highlighted as the pursuit of both academy and practice in companies. In this paper, based on the review of state of art and also the state of practice in different countries, shortcomings have been revealed as the lacking of applicable framework for the implementation of Industrie 4.0. Therefore, in order to shed some light on the knowledge of the details, a reference architecture is developed, where four perspectives namely manufacturing process, devices, software and engineering have been highlighted. Moreover, with a view on the importance of Cyber-Physical systems, the structure of Cyber-Physical System are established for the in-depth analysis. Further cases with the usage of Cyber-Physical System are also arranged, which attempts to provide some implications to match the theoretical findings together with the experience of companies. In general, results of this paper could be useful for the extending on the theoretical understanding of Industrie 4.0. Additionally, applied framework and prototypes based on the usage of Cyber-Physical Systems are also potential to help companies to design the layout of sensor nets, to achieve coordination and controlling of smart machines, to realize synchronous production with systematic structure, and to extend the usage of information and communication technologies to the maintenance scheduling.
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