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Data Science and Engineering

Data Science and Engineering 4/2018

Issue 4/2018

Special Issue of DASFAA 2018

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

17-11-2018 | Editorial | Issue 4/2018 Open Access

Special Issue of DASFAA 2018

Shazia Sadiq, Jianxin Li

12-11-2018 | Issue 4/2018 Open Access

K-Connected Cores Computation in Large Dual Networks

Lizhen Cui, Lingxi Yue, Dong Wen, Lu Qin

03-11-2018 | Issue 4/2018 Open Access

Learning Discrete Hashing Towards Efficient Fashion Recommendation

Luyao Liu, Xingzhong Du, Lei Zhu, Fumin Shen, Zi Huang

20-11-2018 | Issue 4/2018 Open Access

Collusion-Resistant Processing of SQL Range Predicates

Manish Kesarwani, Akshar Kaul, Gagandeep Singh, Prasad M. Deshpande, Jayant R. Haritsa

20-11-2018 | Issue 4/2018 Open Access

Fact Checking in Knowledge Graphs with Ontological Subgraph Patterns

Peng Lin, Qi Song, Yinghui Wu

07-11-2018 | Issue 4/2018 Open Access

Evolutionary Active Constrained Clustering for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Analysis

Son T. Mai, Sihem Amer-Yahia, Sébastien Bailly, Jean-Louis Pépin, Ahlame Douzal Chouakria, Ky T. Nguyen, Anh-Duong Nguyen

14-09-2018 | Issue 4/2018 Open Access

Approximate Query Processing: What is New and Where to Go?

A Survey on Approximate Query Processing
Kaiyu Li, Guoliang Li

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