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Dynamic Games and Applications

Issue 3/2019

Special Issue: Pursuit-Evasion Games and Differential Games with Incomplete Information

Content (15 Articles)

Simultaneous Multiple Capture of Rigidly Coordinated Evaders

Aleksandr I. Blagodatskikh, Nikolai N. Petrov

Generation of Dangerous Disturbances for Flight Systems

Nikolai Botkin, Kirill Martynov, Varvara Turova, Johannes Diepolder

Pursuit in the Presence of a Defender

Eloy Garcia, David W. Casbeer, Meir Pachter

On Time-Optimal Problems with Lifeline

Nataly V. Munts, Sergey S. Kumkov

Non-stationary Differential-Difference Games of Neutral Type

Ievgen Liubarshchuk, Yaroslav Bihun, Igor Cherevko

The Classical Homicidal Chauffeur Game

Meir Pachter, Sean Coates

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