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Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management

Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management 3/2021

Issue 3/2021

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

31-03-2021 | Original Research | Issue 3/2021

Environment Practices Mediating the Environmental Compliance and firm Performance: An Institutional Theory Perspective from Emerging Economies

Amit Kumar Gupta, Narain Gupta

07-05-2021 | Original Research | Issue 3/2021

Moderating Role of Project Innovativeness on Project Flexibility, Project Risk, Project Performance, and Business Success in Financial Services

Pankaj Tiwari, B Suresha

25-05-2021 | Original Research | Issue 3/2021

Impact of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence on Industry: Developing a Workforce Roadmap for a Data Driven Economy

Marina Johnson, Rashmi Jain, Peggy Brennan-Tonetta, Ethne Swartz, Deborah Silver, Jessica Paolini, Stanislav Mamonov, Chelsey Hill

22-06-2021 | Original Research | Issue 3/2021

Individual Resilience in the Organization in the Face of Crisis: Study of the Concept in the Context of COVID-19

Bechir Mokline, Mohamed Anis Ben Abdallah

01-07-2021 | Original Research | Issue 3/2021

Ranking the Factors Influencing e-Trading Usage in Agricultural Marketing

Sanjay Chaudhary, P. K. Suri

03-07-2021 | Original Research | Issue 3/2021

Evidence for the Mediating Effects of Eco-Innovation and the Impact of Driving Factors on Sustainable Business Growth of Agribusiness

Dhekra Ben Amara, Hong Chen

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