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19-02-2024 | General

Debugging convergence problems in probabilistic programs via program representation learning with SixthSense

Probabilistic programming aims to open the power of Bayesian reasoning to software developers and scientists, but identification of problems during inference and debugging are left entirely to the developers and typically require significant …

Zixin Huang, Saikat Dutta, Sasa Misailovic

Open Access 26-09-2019 | FASE 2018

Distributed graph queries over models@run.time for runtime monitoring of cyber-physical systems

Smart cyber-physical systems (CPSs) have complex interaction with their environment which is rarely known in advance, and they heavily depend on intelligent data processing carried out over a heterogeneous and distributed computation platform with …

Márton Búr, Gábor Szilágyi, András Vörös, Dániel Varró

Open Access 11-09-2019 | FASE 2018

Diversity of graph models and graph generators in mutation testing

When custom modeling tools are used for designing complex safety-critical systems (e.g., critical cyber-physical systems), the tools themselves need to be validated by systematic testing to prevent tool-specific bugs reaching the system. Testing …

Oszkár Semeráth, Rebeka Farkas, Gábor Bergmann, Dániel Varró

09-08-2019 | FASE 2018

family-based model checking using variability abstractions and modal transition systems

Variational systems can produce a (potentially huge) number of related systems, known as products or variants, by using features (configuration options) to mark the variable functionality. In many of the application domains, their rigorous …

Aleksandar S. Dimovski

12-07-2019 | Correction

Correction to: Correct-by-construction model-based design of reactive streaming software for multi-core embedded systems

Updated Fig. 7 (pi is the job’s process, ki is the job’s invocation count, Ai is the invocation time, Di is the absolute deadline and Ci is the WCET).

Fotios Gioulekas, Peter Poplavko, Panagiotis Katsaros, Saddek Bensalem, Pedro Palomo

17-02-2006 | Special Section on the Industrialization of Formal Methods: A View from Formal Methods 2003

Providing the shalls

Early validation of requirements through formal methods

Incomplete, inaccurate, ambiguous, and volatile requirements have plagued the software industry since its inception. The convergence of model-based development and formal methods offers developers of safety-critical systems a powerful new approach …

Steven P. Miller, Alan C. Tribble, Michael W. Whalen, Mats P. E. Heimdahl

17-02-2006 | Special Section on Specification and Validation of Models of Real Time and Embedded Systems with UML

A real-time profile for UML

This paper describes an approach for real-time modelling in UML, focusing on analysis and verification of time and scheduling-related properties. To this aim, a concrete UML profile, called the ωprofile, is defined, dedicated to real-time …

Susanne Graf, Ileana Ober, Iulian Ober