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Journal of Network and Systems Management

Journal of Network and Systems Management 2/2020

Issue 2/2020

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

22-11-2019 | Issue 2/2020

Resource Management in a Containerized Cloud: Status and Challenges

Pieter-Jan Maenhaut, Bruno Volckaert, Veerle Ongenae, Filip De Turck

03-12-2019 | Issue 2/2020

Downlink Throughput Maximization in Multi-UAVs Networks Using Discrete Optimization

Saadullah Kalwar, Kwan-Wu Chin, Zhenhui Yuan

17-12-2019 | Issue 2/2020

Auction-Based Algorithms for Routing and Task Scheduling in Federated Networks

Abbas Ehsanfar, Paul T. Grogan

21-12-2019 | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Load Balancing in the Presence of Services in Named-Data Networking

Dima Mansour, Haidar Osman, Christian Tschudin

03-01-2020 | Issue 2/2020

Enabling Multi-segment 5G Service Provisioning and Maintenance through Network Slicing

Rafael Montero, Fernando Agraz, Albert Pagès, Salvatore Spadaro

13-01-2020 | Issue 2/2020

Dynamic Provisioning of Service Composition in a Multi-Tenant SaaS Environment

Wael Sellami, Hatem Hadj Kacem, Ahmed Hadj Kacem

16-01-2020 | Issue 2/2020

Hybrid Approach to Speed-Up the Privacy Preserving Kernel K-means Clustering and its Application in Social Distributed Environment

P. L. Lekshmy, M. Abdul Rahiman

24-02-2020 | Issue 2/2020

Management in a Cyber-Physical World: A Report on APNOMS 2019

Yoshiaki Kitaguchi, Woojin Seok, Jiun-Long Huang, Hong-Taek Ju, Yen-Wen Chen, Kiyohito Yoshihara

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