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About this book

The book offers a review of the work of the Polish Research Group on selected topics of environmental magnetism: the application of magnetic methods to study pollution of outdoor and indoor air, street dust, polluted soil, air filters and indoor dust; the use of magnetic properties to study pedogenic processes in soils and soil structure; as well as deposition processes in recent sediments. The authors focus on detailed cases and provide in-depth explanations of the causes of and relations between physical processes. The examples of different studies demonstrate how to apply magnetometry to solve problems in related disciplines, how to better understand the complexity of the magnetic structure of substances and mediums as well as how to trace interactions between the environment and natural and anthropogenic factors.

Table of Contents


2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Magnetometric Assessment of Soil Contamination in the Vicinity of Selected Roads in Poland

Olga Rosowiecka, Jerzy Nawrocki

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Magnetic Study of Sediments from the Vistula River in Warsaw—Preliminary Results

Iga Szczepaniak-Wnuk, Beata Górka-Kostrubiec

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Surface Sediments Pollution Around Small Shipwrecks (Munin and Abille) in the Gulf of Gdańsk: Magnetic and Heavy Metals Study

M. Gwizdała, M. Jeleńska, L. Łęczyński

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

From Deserts to Glaciers: Magnetometry in Paleoenvironmental Studies in Central Asia

Monika Mętrak, Fabian Welc, Piotr Szwarczewski, Małgorzata Suska-Malawska

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Application of Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements for Identification of Technogenic Horizons in Soil Profiles on the Example of the Vistula River Cross-Cut Area

Grzegorz Kusza, Piotr Hulisz, Leszek Łęczyński, Adam Michalski, Michał Dąbrowski, Żaneta Kłostowska

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Magnetic Susceptibility of Sediments as an Indicator of the Dynamics of Geomorphological Processes

Elżbieta Król, Piotr Szwarczewski

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

The Impact of Grain Size Composition and Organic Matter Content on Magnetic Susceptibility of Anthropogenically Transformed Bottom Sediments, as Exemplified by the Former Naval Harbour in Hel

Leszek Łęczyński, Żaneta Kłostowska, Grzegorz Kusza, Tadeusz Ossowski, Bartłomiej Arciszewski, Radomir Koza

2018 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Magnetic Vertical Structure of Soil as a Result of Transformation of Iron Oxides During Pedogenesis. The Case Study of Soil Profiles from Slovakia and Ukraine

Maria Jeleńska, Beata Górka-Kostrubiec, Sylwia K. Dytłow
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