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Management for Professionals

Management for Professionals
149 Volumes | 2011 - 2018


The Springer series Management for Professionals comprises high-level business and management books for executives. The authors are experienced business professionals and renowned professors who combine scientific background, best practice, and entrepreneurial vision to provide powerful insights into how to achieve business excellence.

All books of the series Management for Professionals

2018 | Book

China's Technology Innovators

Selected Cases on Creating and Staying Ahead of Business Trends

This book is one of the first to explore how Chinese companies are feeling the impulse of emerging business trends and seizing opportunities brought by technology innovation. It consists case studies of 7 Chinese companies: 3DMed, Wechat from …

2018 | Book

Mergers and Acquisitions

Integration and Transformation Management as the Gateway to Success

This book brings home the message that meticulous integration management is the key to success in M&A transactions. Half of all M&A transactions are unsuccessful because many companies embarking on a merger neglect this key success factor. Based …

2018 | Book

Business Process Management Cases

Digital Innovation and Business Transformation in Practice

This book is the first to present a rich selection of over 30 real-world cases of how leading organizations conduct Business Process Management (BPM). The cases stem from a diverse set of industry sectors and countries on different continents …

2018 | Book

Real Estate Due Diligence

A Guideline for Practitioners

Due diligence is the bedrock of real estate deals, regardless of the volume of transaction. This book presents a comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing due diligence and making an accurate assessment of the risks. While this process …

2018 | Book

Strategic Management Accounting

A Practical Guidebook with Case Studies

This book serves as a guide to strategic management accounting. It introduces new and useful concepts on how to collect, analyse, and evaluate options to enable managers to steer corporate directions and write strategic plans for the long-term …

2018 | Book

Performance Management Success

A Best Practices and Implementation Guide for Leaders and Managers of All Organizations

This book provides managers, leaders and practitioners with a dynamic framework that links several variables associated with performance management which can be applied across organizations and industries worldwide. Based on empirical evidence and …

2018 | Book

Valuing Corporate Innovation

Strategies, Tools, and Best Practice From the Energy and Technology Sector

This book presents tools for valuing and controlling corporate innovation. It combines a well-established theoretical framework with case studies at Siemens that illustrate the practice of valuing and controlling innovation and underline the …

2018 | Book

Hands-On Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall

A Practical Primer

This book describes a maximally simple market risk model that is still practical and main risk measures like the value-at-risk and the expected shortfall. It outlines the model's (i) underlying math, (ii) daily operation, and (iii) implementation …

2018 | Book

Sport Entrepreneurship

Developing and Sustaining an Entrepreneurial Sports Culture

This book introduces the structure, economic arguments, and business strategies for entrepreneurship in sport. Here, the entrepreneurial process is usually initiated by organizations, people or governments who are embedded in both economic and …

2018 | Book

Divestitures and Spin-Offs

Lessons Learned in the Trenches of the World’s Largest M&A Deals

The world of M&A has always been complex and nuanced. Corporations encounter their toughest business problems during a divestiture or a merger. At the same time, optimal execution of divestitures can also create high value for the seller as well …

2017 | Book

Business Model Pioneers

How Innovators Successfully Implement New Business Models

Business model innovations are conceived and implemented by a special type of entrepreneur: business model pioneers. This book presents 14 compelling case studies of business model pioneers and their companies, who have successfully introduced new …

2017 | Book

Global Sourcing and Supply Management Excellence in China

Procurement Guide for Supply Experts

This book provides readers a holistic and pragmatic approach towards supply management in China. It elaborates on how supply management should integrate the optimum level, and a combination of quality, cost and delivery. In addition to serving as …

2017 | Book

The Drivers of Digital Transformation

Why There's No Way Around the Cloud

In this book, leading CEOs, CIOs and experts from international corporations explore the role of digitalization and cloud-based processes as the main business drivers of the 21st century. Focusing on how to get started with digitalization and how …

2017 | Book

Out-thinking Organizational Communications

The Impact of Digital Transformation

This book demonstrates the challenges for Corporate Communications in the era of the Industrial Internet and the Internet of things, and how companies can adapt their communication strategies to meet them. The Industrial Internet and the Internet …

2017 | Book

Understanding German Real Estate Markets

In this book, experts discuss how German real estate values have remained stable throughout the financial crisis, even though transaction volumes have been very volatile since 2005. Consequently, risk-averse national and international investors …

2017 | Book

Intercultural Competence in Organizations

A Guide for Leaders, Educators and Team Players

This book addresses one of the most critical issues facing global business leaders and the multicultural workforce – how to work and relate effectively in the intercultural contexts. The author presents business professionals, practitioners and …

2017 | Book

Liquid Legal

Transforming Legal into a Business Savvy, Information Enabled and Performance Driven Industry

This book compels the legal profession to question its current identity and to aspire to become a strategic partner for corporate executives, clients and stakeholders, transforming legal into a function that creates incremental value. It provides …

2017 | Book

Leading and Managing in the Social Sector

Strategies for Advancing Human Dignity and Social Justice

This book explores leadership and management in social sector organizations, which include, NGOs, non-profits, social enterprises, social businesses, and cross-sector collaborations focusing on advancing human dignity and social justice. It …

2017 | Book

The Global Supply Chain

How Technology and Circular Thinking Transform Our Future

This book provides readers an in-depth understanding of the inner mechanisms and principles of the global supply chain. Authored by the Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries at the World Economic Forum, it draws on a wealth of operational …

2017 | Book

Managing for Social Impact

Innovations in Responsible Enterprise

This book presents innovative strategies for sustainable, socially responsible enterprise management from leading thinkers in the fields of corporate citizenship, nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, impact investing, community-based …