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Management for Professionals

Management for Professionals
181 Volumes | 2011 - 2019


The Springer series Management for Professionals comprises high-level business and management books for executives. The authors are experienced business professionals and renowned professors who combine scientific background, best practice, and entrepreneurial vision to provide powerful insights into how to achieve business excellence.

All books of the series Management for Professionals

2019 | Book

Future Telco

Successful Positioning of Network Operators in the Digital Age

This book examines the extensive changes in markets, technologies and value chains that telecommunication companies are currently confronted with. It analyzes the crossroads they have reached and the choices that now need to be made – to be a bit …

2019 | Book

Implementing Integrated Business Planning

A Guide Exemplified With Process Context and SAP IBP Use Cases

This book provides comprehensive guidance on leveraging SAP IBP technology to connect strategic, tactical and operational planning into one coherent process framework, presenting experience shared by practitioners in workshops, customer …

2019 | Book


A Practical Guide to Starting and Running a New Business

Many people dream of starting their own business one day, but are not sure how to make it a reality, or whether they will succeed. In this book the author presents a comprehensive user guide for aspiring entrepreneurs, and provides expert advice …

2019 | Book

Marketing Wisdom

This book represents the work of some of the contemporary world leaders in marketing. The contributors are authors of a set of path-breaking books on marketing. To ensure sufficient depth of coverage, the contributors have taken the essence of …

2019 | Book

IT Management in the Digital Age

A Roadmap for the IT Department of the Future

This book examines the massive changes currently taking place in the business world and commonly known under the label “digitalization.” In addition, it describes the significant impacts of technological innovations on processes, products …

2019 | Book

Mastering Disruption and Innovation in Product Management

Connecting the Dots

This book is an essential guide or foundational toolkit for anyone who is involved in the process of developing, offering or selling any type of product or service. Based on How to surf on the waves of innovation and the principle of “form follows …

2019 | Book

Case Studies in Strategic Management

How Executive Input Enables Students’ Development

Most business schools use case studies in their courses. However, these are typically based on past cases and assigned to students to solve. This book describes a new approach for teaching with case studies, which was developed and applied …

2019 | Book

Digitalization Cases

How Organizations Rethink Their Business for the Digital Age

This book presents a rich compilation of real-world cases on digitalization, the goal being to share first-hand insights from respected organizations and to make digitalization more tangible. As virtually every economic and societal sector is now …

2019 | Book

Chinese M&As in Germany

An Integration Oriented and Value Enhancing Story

Chinese companies have been increasingly active in outbound investment in recent years, with Germany the third largest destination in Europe. Adopting an analytical approach and utilizing case studies and expert interviews, this book examines …

2019 | Book

Distribution Strategy

The BESTX® Method for Sustainably Managing Networks and Channels

"Every good business manager needs to have a microscope on one eye and a telescope on the other eye – this practical, easy to follow book, anchored in solid analytic principles, allows for fast and solid transitions between diagnosis, long-term …

2019 | Book


Reshaping Business and Society in the Era of Bottom-up Economics

Across several industries, we are observing a paradigm shift from traditional, firm-centric and top-down value creation to more open and collaborative approaches, also referred to as bottom-up economics. The boundaries of firms dissolve and …

2019 | Book

Designing Performance Measurement Systems

Theory and Practice of Key Performance Indicators

Given our rapidly changing world, companies are virtually forced to engage in continuous performance monitoring. Though Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) may at times seem to be the real driving force behind social systems, economies and …

2019 | Book

Digitally Deaf

Why Organizations Struggle with Digital Transformation

Companies across all industries are leveraging digital technologies to transform outdated processes and build new business models to compete in the information age. For all the publicity and hype, successful digital transformation has proven to be …

2019 | Book

Wealth Creation in the World’s Largest Mergers and Acquisitions

Integrated Case Studies

This book highlights research-based case studies in order to analyze the wealth created in the world’s largest mergers and acquisitions (M&A). This book encourages cross fertilization in theory building and applied research by examining the links …

2018 | Book

China's Technology Innovators

Selected Cases on Creating and Staying Ahead of Business Trends

This book is one of the first to explore how Chinese companies are feeling the impulse of emerging business trends and seizing opportunities brought by technology innovation. It consists case studies of 7 Chinese companies: 3DMed, Wechat from …

2018 | Book

Mergers and Acquisitions

Integration and Transformation Management as the Gateway to Success

This book brings home the message that meticulous integration management is the key to success in M&A transactions. Half of all M&A transactions are unsuccessful because many companies embarking on a merger neglect this key success factor. Based …

2018 | Book

Business Process Management Cases

Digital Innovation and Business Transformation in Practice

This book is the first to present a rich selection of over 30 real-world cases of how leading organizations conduct Business Process Management (BPM). The cases stem from a diverse set of industry sectors and countries on different continents …

2018 | Book

Real Estate Due Diligence

A Guideline for Practitioners

Due diligence is the bedrock of real estate deals, regardless of the volume of transaction. This book presents a comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing due diligence and making an accurate assessment of the risks. While this process …

2018 | Book

Strategic Management Accounting

A Practical Guidebook with Case Studies

This book serves as a guide to strategic management accounting. It introduces new and useful concepts on how to collect, analyse, and evaluate options to enable managers to steer corporate directions and write strategic plans for the long-term …

2018 | Book

Performance Management Success

A Best Practices and Implementation Guide for Leaders and Managers of All Organizations

This book provides managers, leaders and practitioners with a dynamic framework that links several variables associated with performance management which can be applied across organizations and industries worldwide. Based on empirical evidence and …