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Management for Professionals

Management for Professionals
218 Volumes | 2011 - 2020


The Springer series Management for Professionals comprises high-level business and management books for executives. The authors are experienced business professionals and renowned professors who combine scientific background, best practice, and entrepreneurial vision to provide powerful insights into how to achieve business excellence.

All books of the series Management for Professionals

2020 | Book

Harnessing the Potential of Digital Post-Millennials in the Future Workplace

This book offers strategic leaders with essential information for their most important role: the change management function of positioning the organization for success into the future. To do so, leaders need to sort through a myriad of forecasts …

2020 | Book

Social Customer Relationship Management

Fundamentals, Applications, Technologies

Social media has received considerable attention, and many potential benefits, as well as concerns, are now being discussed. This book explores how social media can successfully support business processes in marketing, sales and service in the …

2020 | Book

Enterprise Governance of Information Technology

Achieving Alignment and Value in Digital Organizations

This book integrates theoretical advances and empirical data on Enterprise Governance in Information Technology (EGIT) with practical applications based on numerous case examples. The third revised edition of Enterprise Governance of Information …

2020 | Book

Transfer Pricing in One Lesson

A Practical Guide to Applying the Arm’s Length Principle in Intercompany Transactions

This book provides a concise and pragmatic introduction to transfer pricing. Approaching the subject from an economic and business perspective, it familiarizes the reader with the basic concepts without getting sidetracked by tax law. In turn, the …

2020 | Book

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Fundamentals, Use Cases and Methods for a Corporate AI Journey

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the lives of people and businesses more fundamentally than many people can even imagine today. This book illustrates the importance of AI in an era of digitalization. It introduces the foundations of AI and …

2020 | Book

Design Thinking for Strategy

Innovating Towards Competitive Advantage

The business environment is changing more rapidly than ever before, and new business ideas are emerging. This book discusses applying insights from design thinking to craft novel strategies that satisfy customer needs, make use of the available …

2020 | Book

Governing Digital Transformation

Guidance for Corporate Board Members

This title provides clear and readily applicable guidance to corporate board members on the involvement of boards of directors in information technology (IT) governance. Specifically, it demonstrates ways in which board members can execute IT …

2020 | Book

User Experience Is Brand Experience

The Psychology Behind Successful Digital Products and Services

This book offers a new method for aligning brand management and user experience goals. Brand management deals with conveying individual brand values at all marketing contact points, the goal being to reach the target group and boost customer …

2020 | Book

Successful International Negotiations

A Practical Guide for Managing Transactions and Deals

This book describes how international negotiations can be conducted in a structured, professional and effective manner. It also offers recommendations based on examples of successful negotiations from both economically leading countries such as …

2020 | Book

Executive Ownershift

Creating Highly Effective Leadership Teams

When leadership teams do not perform at their best, everyone suffers. Low employee engagement levels, failure to meet strategic targets and inconsistent company growth are signs that leadership teams are not highly effective.

Executive Ownershift …

2020 | Book

Knowledge Risk Management

From Theory to Praxis

This book provides an in-depth introduction to knowledge risk management (KRM) as well as methods, tools and cases to address knowledge risk management issues in both the public and private sector. It focuses on the integration of knowledge risks …

2020 | Book

Standards for Management Systems

A Comprehensive Guide to Content, Implementation Tools, and Certification Schemes

This book guides readers through the broad field of generic and industry-specific management system standards, as well as through the arsenal of tools that are needed to effectively implement them. It covers a wide spectrum, from the classic …

2020 | Book

The Rise of the African Multinational Enterprise (AMNE)

The Lions Accelerating the Development of Africa

This book provides a detailed look at the birth, growth and expansion of African Multinational Enterprises (AMNEs). Specifically, it explores the historical, ideological, political and macroeconomics forces that shaped modern day Africa and the …

2020 | Book

New Horizons in Positive Leadership and Change

A Practical Guide for Workplace Transformation

This edited volume provides managers, as well as students, with the best practices in effectively leading the 21st century workforce and managing change. It applies positive principles arising from the newly emerging fields of positive psychology …

2020 | Book

Personal Brand Management

Marketing Human Value

This book is the definitive resource for understanding the phenomena and process of personal brand management as it becomes increasingly valued in a global economy. By providing a research-based, theoretical framework, the author distills the …

2020 | Book

Build Your Own Blockchain

A Practical Guide to Distributed Ledger Technology

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Intended as an applied guide for hands-on practitioners, the book includes detailed examples and in-depth explanations of how to build and run a …

2020 | Book

The Nature of Purchasing

Insights from Research and Practice

This book was created in the spirit of learning from nature in the field of professional purchasing. It describes real-world purchasing problems faced by companies as well as individuals and presents natural hands-on solutions that apply …

2020 | Book

Bank Management and Control

Strategy, Pricing, Capital and Risk Management

This book discusses risk management, product pricing, capital management and Return on Equity comprehensively and seamlessly. Strategic planning, including the required quantitative methods, is an essential part of bank management and control. A …

2020 | Book

Practices of Dynamic Collaboration

A Dialogical Approach to Strengthening Collaborative Intelligence in Teams

This book provides senior managers, project- and program managers, team coaches and team leaders with thought and management tools for potentiating self-organization and creating collaborative intelligence in teams. Adapted and expanded from the …

2020 | Book

Total Revenue Management (TRM)

Case Studies, Best Practices and Industry Insights

This book explores total revenue management (TRM), an emerging concept in revenue management that incorporates existing principles and tools of revenue management across all profit streams. It is a professional's guide to using TRM in an optimal …