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Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics

Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics
20 Volumes | 2011 - 2021


Following on the sustained success of the acclaimed European Union Series, which essentially publishes research-based textbooks, Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics publishes cutting edge research-driven monographs. The remit of the series is broadly defined, both in terms of subject and academic discipline. All topics of significance concerning the nature and operation of the European Union potentially fall within the scope of the series. The series is multidisciplinary to reflect the growing importance of the EU as a political, economic and social phenomenon. To submit a proposal, please contact Senior Editor Ambra Finotello

Editorial Board:Laurie Buonanno (SUNY Buffalo State, USA)Kenneth Dyson (Cardiff University, UK)Brigid Laffan (European University Institute, Italy)Claudio Radaelli (University College London, UK)Mark Rhinard (Stockholm University, Sweden)Ariadna Ripoll Servent (University of Bamberg, Germany)Frank Schimmelfennig (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)Claudia Sternberg (University College London, UK)Nathalie Tocci (Istituto Affari Internazionali, Italy)

All books of the series Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics

2021 | Book

International Networks, Advocacy and EU Energy Policy-Making

This book explores the role which policy networks and particularly advocacy coalitions play in EU energy policy, and the factors that account for their policy success. It captures the often neglected interaction between public and private actors …

2021 | Book

Negotiating Unity and Diversity in the European Union

This book explores how the European Union has been responding to the challenge of diversity. In doing so, it considers the EU as a complex polity that has found novel ways for accommodating diversity. Much of the literature on the EU seeks to …

2021 | Book

The European Union and the Northern Ireland Peace Process

This book examines the economic and political contributions of the EU to the Northern Ireland peace process, tracing the genesis of EU involvement since 1979 and analysing how it acted as an arena in which to foster dialogue and positive …

2020 | Open Access | Book Open Access

Taking the EU to Court

Annulment Proceedings and Multilevel Judicial Conflict

This open access book provides an exhaustive picture of the role that annulment conflicts play in the EU multilevel system. Based on a rich dataset of annulment actions since the 1960s and a number of in-depth case studies, it explores the …

2019 | Book

The EU’s Policy on the Integration of Migrants

A Case of Soft-Europeanization?

This book addresses a timely, yet largely overlooked, issue in political science: the integration of migrants in a multilevel polity. In a context characterised by the increasing salience of migration-related questions, and despite the gradual …

2019 | Book

EU Funds in the New Member States

Party Politicization, Administrative Capacities, and Absorption Problems after Accession

This book examines new member states’ problems with the absorption of EU funds. Since accession, many new member states from Central and Eastern Europe struggle to access their billions of development funds from Brussels. While existing research …

2019 | Book

Leadership in the Eurozone

The Role of Germany and EU Institutions

Leadership of powerful states and organizations is crucial for the success of regional integration projects. This book offers a theoretical model explaining such leadership. By applying the model to eurozone governance and reform, the book …

2019 | Book

Discourse Analysis and European Union Politics

This book reflects on the latest developments in discourse analysis in the context of EU politics research. It explores discourse analysis as a tool to study and understand EU politics, covering key conceptual, methodological and …

2018 | Book

Preparing for Brexit

Actors, Negotiations and Consequences

This book studies the developments of the Brexit process between June 2016 and June 2017. The British electorate’s decision to leave the European Union in June 2016 marks a major point in post war British politics.

2018 | Book

The Greco-German Affair in the Euro Crisis

Mutual Recognition Lost?

This book focuses on one of the most highly charged relationships of the Euro crisis, that between Greece and Germany, from 2009 to 2015. It explores the many ways in which Greeks and Germans represented and often insulted one another in the …

2018 | Book

Europe and Iran’s Nuclear Crisis

Lead Groups and EU Foreign Policy-Making

This book investigates the European involvement in managing the nuclear dispute with Iran, shedding new light on EU foreign policy-making. The author focuses on the peculiar format through which the EU managed Iran’s nuclear issue: a ‘lead group’ …

2018 | Book

EU Enlargement and Civil Society in the Western Balkans

From Mobilisation to Empowerment

This book examines civil society empowerment during the EU enlargement process. Building on extensive fieldwork, it compares mobilisation around rule of law issues in Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia. Moving beyond the traditional focus on the …

2017 | Book

Lobbying in the European Parliament

The Battle for Influence

This book explains when and how interest groups are influential in the European Parliament, which has become one of the most important lobbying venues in the EU. Yet we know little about the many ways in which interest groups and lobbyists …

2017 | Book

The European Commission and the Transformation of EU Borders

This book examines the contribution of the European Commission to the process of transformation of EU borders. Migration issues have been at the centre of EU political debates in recent years. From national controversies sparked by the economic …

2017 | Book

Framing the EU Global Strategy

A Stronger Europe in a Fragile World

This book tells the story of the EU Global Strategy (EUGS). By reflecting back on the 2003 European Security Strategy, this book uncovers the background, the process, the content and the follow-up of the EUGS thirteen years later. By framing the …

2016 | Book

A ‘Macro-regional’ Europe in the Making

Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Evidence

Macro-regional strategies seek to improve the interplay of the EU with existing regimes and institutions, and foster coherence of transnational policies. Drawing on macro-regional governance and Europeanization, this edited volume provides an overvie

2016 | Book

European Competition Policy and Globalization

This book examines the domestic and international dimensions of European Union (EU) competition policy, particularly mergers, anti-competitive practices and state aids. The authors argue that important changes in EU competition policy are having …

2015 | Book

Cultural Governance and the European Union

Protecting and Promoting Cultural Diversity in Europe

This edited collection brings together distinguished scholars across a range of academic disciplines to explore how the European Union engages with culture. The book examines the ways in which cultural issues have been framed at the EU level and …

2012 | Book

21st Century Management

Making People Dance in the Thought Economy

Explores the changing business landscape of the 21st century and what it means for organizations. The author presents a new model for how to think about and handle the complex world of business from a managerial and innovative perspective with tips a

2011 | Book

Regional Representations in the EU: Between Diplomacy and Interest Mediation

Offices in Brussels representing the interests of regional actors in the EU have carved out a niche position within Europe's expanding multi-level political system. They are now the most visible indicators of the growing role played by EU regions. Ho