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14-09-2017 | Production + Production Technology | News | Article

Combined Cleaning Process for Russian Engine Manufacturer

Nadine Klein

The specific needs of different production lines require highly flexible cleaning solutions. BvL’s complex cleaning system allows comprehensive pre-cleaning and fine cleaning within an automated production line.

BvL has developed a complex cleaning system for use in a new production line of a Russian vehicle manufacturer. Sequential cleaning stages ensure thorough and comprehensive pre-cleaning and fine cleaning during the automated production of truck engine blocks. After the cast engine block has been machined, any swarf, cutting fluids and drilling emulsion are removed using a (NiagaraFS) spray cleaning system. The external vacuum dryer (Nevada) then ensures complete drying. These pre-treated components can then be processed further at the downstream stations without delay.

At the end of the production chain, there is a complex machine system that combines several steps in one system: using specially developed high-pressure lances, the very fine drill holes are deburred at a pressure of 700 bar. During the automated onward transport, the engine block is then conveyed to a spray cleaning system, where the oil channels are specifically cleaned at 35 bar to remove swarf, oil and cutting fluids. A downstream cleaning system (NiagaraDFS) then ensures that the outside of the engine block is cleaned in a spraying and flooding process. This step is also followed by a separate vacuum drying process, where the chamber pressure is reduced to as low as 3 mbar. At the end of the cleaning process, a cooling tunnel (Arctic) actively cools the components to a temperature of 25 °C before the engine blocks subsequently undergo a leak tightness test.

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