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Professional Book Archive – 40.000 books from 1980-2004

The Professional Book Archive – new and exclusive to Springer Professional users

Do you need access to older standard works on Springer Professional that are still current and valid? Or is one of your printed copies of an earlier edition always out on loan? Does your job require you to reference sources from the 80s or 90s – for example for preparing expert reports or understanding the state of the art at the time? Do you need frequent access to archived reference works as part of your daily work?  

Then the Professional Book Archive is just the thing for you.

As of mid-September 2017, Springer Professional users may extend their license by book content contained in the “Professional Book Archive”. We will be happy to send you terms and prices.

Here you will receive:

  • Access to full digital texts from specialist literature dating back to 1980
  • Faster research options for reference books that were not available in digital form until now
  • Electronic access to out-of-print copies/editions

How do you obtain access to the Professional Book Archive?

We will provide paid access to the Professional Book Archive on top of your Springer Professional license. Contact us now to take advantage of this special offer.

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