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Public Choice

Public Choice 3-4/2020

Issue 3-4/2020

Special Issue: Predatory State / Edited by Mehrdad Vahabi

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

10-09-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

Introduction: a symposium on the predatory state

Mehrdad Vahabi

28-03-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

A theory of predatory welfare state and citizen welfare: the French case

Mehrdad Vahabi, Philippe Batifoulier, Nicolas Da Silva

15-03-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

Regulating quack medicine

Peter T. Leeson, M. Scott King, Tate J. Fegley

09-01-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

Progressive Democracy: the ideology of the modern predatory state

Randall G. Holcombe

13-05-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

The development and evolution of predatory-state institutions and organizations: beliefs, violence, conquest, coercion, and rent seeking

Bruce L. Benson

19-03-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

Productive specialization, peaceful cooperation and the problem of the predatory state: lessons from comparative historical political economy

Peter J. Boettke, Rosolino A. Candela

18-06-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

Wealth-destroying states

Jennifer Murtazashvili, Ilia Murtazashvili

04-07-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

Why did pre-modern states adopt Big-God religions?

Stergios Skaperdas, Samarth Vaidya

10-05-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

Zakat: Islam’s missed opportunity to limit predatory taxation

Timur Kuran

02-08-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

State predation in historical perspective: the case of Ottoman müsadere practice during 1695–1839

Yasin Arslantaş, Antoine Pietri, Mehrdad Vahabi

20-08-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

Two bandits or more? The case of Viking Age England

Gert Tinggaard Svendsen

23-07-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

Trade and the predatory state: Ricardian exchange with armed competition for resources—a diagrammatic exposition

Martin C. McGuire

17-06-2019 | Issue 3-4/2020

Pareto-minimality in the jungle

Bertrand Crettez

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