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06-06-2019 | Simulation + Calculation | News | Article

Project to Accelerate Development of Autonomous E-Vehicles

Patrick Schäfer

DSpace, e.GO Mobile and Paderborn University have started a research project for vehicle development. The new methods developed in this project are said to enable the simultaneous development and testing of new systems.

In the "Simultaneous development and testing of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), using an application example of an electrically driven autonomous vehicle – SET CPS" project, dSpace, e.GO Mobile and the Institute for Industrial Mathematics of Paderborn University are attempting to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles with electric drives. In order to do this, the participants will develop intelligent, simulation-based methods that improve and systematise the development and testing process of complex vehicles. This should also lead to a higher degree of automation. 

New mathematical methods from the field of multi-objective optimisation will take multiple objectives into account that are competing with each other, such as energy efficiency, comfort and costs, and provide for the safety of the system. The new methods will be integrated into the dSpace Tool Chain and evaluated by e.GO using a prototype from vehicle development. The project has a running time of three years and will be funded by the EU and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia within the framework of the IKT.NRW Lead Market Competition.

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