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All books of the series SpringerBriefs in Nonlinear Circuits

2019 | Book

Memristive Nonlinear Electronic Circuits

Dynamics, Synchronization and Applications

Memristive Nonlinear Electronic Circuits deals with nonlinear systems in the design and implementation of circuits for generating complex dynamics. The brief proposes a new memristor model using an inverse tangent function, which achieves the …

2018 | Book

Nonlinear Systems and Circuits in Internal Combustion Engines

Modeling and Control

This brief provides an overview on the most relevant nonlinear phenomena in internal combustion engines with a particular emphasis on the use of nonlinear circuits in their modelling and control. The brief contains advanced methodologies for the compensation of engine nonlinearities by using the combustion pressure signal.

2018 | Book

Time-Delayed Chaotic Dynamical Systems

From Theory to Electronic Experiment

This book describes systematic design techniques for chaotic and hyperchaotic systems, the transition from one to the other, and their implementation in electronic circuits. It also discusses the collective phenomena manifested by these systems …

2018 | Book

Design of Digital Chaotic Systems Updated by Random Iterations

This brief studies the general problem of constructing digital chaotic systems in devices with finite precision from low-dimensional to high-dimensional settings, and establishes a general framework for composing them. The contributors demonstrate …

2018 | Book

Synchronization in Networks of Nonlinear Circuits

Essential Topics with MATLAB® Code

This book addresses synchronization in networks of coupled systems. It illustrates the main aspects of the phenomenon through concise theoretical results and code, allowing readers to reproduce them and encouraging readers to pursue their own …

2018 | Book

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems for Neuro-inspired Robot Control

This book guides readers along a path that proceeds from neurobiology to nonlinear-dynamical circuits, to nonlinear neuro-controllers and to bio-inspired robots. It provides a concise exploration of the essence of neural processing in simple …

2017 | Book

Systems with Hidden Attractors

From Theory to Realization in Circuits

This brief provides a general overview of nonlinear systems that exhibit hidden-attractor behavior, a topic of interest in subjects as divers as physics, mechanics, electronics and secure communications. The brief is intended for readers who want …

2017 | Book

Fractional-Order Devices

This book focuses on two specific areas related to fractional order systems – the realization of physical devices characterized by non-integer order impedance, usually called fractional-order elements (FOEs); and the characterization of vegetable …