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Transportation 1/2013

Issue 1/2013

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013 Open Access

Exploring temporal fluctuations of daily cycling demand on Dutch cycle paths: the influence of weather on cycling

Tom Thomas, Rinus Jaarsma, Bas Tutert

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013 Open Access

The effect of work-related factors on the bicycle commute mode choice in the Netherlands

Eva Heinen, Kees Maat, Bert van Wee

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013

A bikeway network design model for urban areas

Jen-Jia Lin, Chia-Jung Yu

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013

Quantifying the transport-related impacts of parental school choice in England

Jessica Van Ristell, Mohammed Quddus, Marcus Enoch, Chao Wang, Peter Hardy

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013

Calibrating a social-force-based pedestrian walking model based on maximum likelihood estimation

Moonsoo Ko, Taewan Kim, Keemin Sohn

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013

An analysis of soft transport policy measures implemented in Sweden to reduce private car use

Margareta Friman, Lina Larhult, Tommy Gärling

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013

How can we alter our carbon footprint? Estimating GHG emissions based on travel survey information

Anais Mathez, Kevin Manaugh, Vincent Chakour, Ahmed El-Geneidy, Marianne Hatzopoulou

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013

Analysis of long-distance vacation travel demand in the United States: a multiple discrete–continuous choice framework

Caleb Van Nostrand, Vijayaraghavan Sivaraman, Abdul Rawoof Pinjari

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013

A Bayesian method for estimating traffic flows based on plate scanning

Enrique Castillo, Pilar Jiménez, José María Menéndez, María Nogal

01-01-2013 | Issue 1/2013

Donor states and donee states: investigating geographic redistribution of the US federal-aid highway program 1974–2008

Pengyu Zhu, Jeffrey R. Brown

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