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Wireless Personal Communications

Wireless Personal Communications 3/2020

Issue 3/2020

Special Issue: Global Cities Digitalization (GCD), 22nd Strategic Workshop (SW'19), Mallorca, Spain, May 13-15, 2019

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

12-06-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Editorial: Special Issue on ‘‘Global Cities Digitalization (GCD)’’

Ramjee Prasad, Marina Ruggieri

18-05-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Digitalization of Global Cities and the Smart Grid

Sarmistha De Dutta, Ramjee Prasad

24-03-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Blockchain Based Academic Records Verification in Smart Cities

Muhammad Aamir, Rehan Qureshi, Furqan Ali Khan, Muhammad Huzaifa

13-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020

From the Internet of Things to the Social Innovation and the Economy of Data

Luis Sánchez, Jorge Lanza, Luis Muñoz

13-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Multi Business Model Innovation in a World of Smart Cities with Future Wireless Technologies

Peter Lindgren

24-03-2020 | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Architecture and Operational Model for Smart Campus Digital Infrastructure

Risto Jurva, Marja Matinmikko-Blue, Ville Niemelä, Suvi Nenonen

16-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020

D2D Resource Allocation with Power Control Based on Multi-player Multi-armed Bandit

Fang-Chang Kuo, Christian Schindelhauer, Hwang-Cheng Wang, Wen-Jun Lin, Chih-Cheng Tseng

16-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Overview of LTE for Vehicular Communications

Antonio Cerezo Barranco, José Antonio Yébenes Gálvez, Jesús Aguilar Armijo, Mari Carmen Aguayo-Torres, Juan Carlos Ruiz Sicilia, Gerardo Gómez

02-05-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Pseudo-Cache-Based IoT Small Files Management Framework in HDFS Cluster

Isma Farah Siddiqui, Nawab Muhammad Faseeh Qureshi, Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, Muhammad Aslam Uqaili

21-03-2020 | Issue 3/2020

From Cloud RAN to Open RAN

Liljana Gavrilovska, Valentin Rakovic, Daniel Denkovski

30-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Performance Analysis of 5G Fixed Wireless Access Networks with Antenna Diversity Techniques

Isiaka A. Alimi, Romilkumar Kantibhai Patel, Nelson Jesus Muga, Paulo P. Monteiro

11-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Connections of Chronic Diseases and Socio-dynamic Cues for Integrating ICT with Care Plan Adherence

Sadia Anwar, Ramjee Prasad

07-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Enabling Virtual Radio Functions on Software Defined Radio for Future Wireless Networks

Wei Liu, Joao F. Santos, Jonathan van de Belt, Xianjun Jiao, Ingrid Moerman, Johann Marquez-Barja, Luiz DaSilva, Sofie Pollin

22-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Literacy and Socio-dynamics Cues Insights Decision Analytics for Care Plan Adherence

Sadia Anwar, Ramjee Prasad, Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry

30-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

A Philosophy of Security Architecture Design

Geir M. Køien

19-04-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Development of IOT Based Smart Instrumentation for the Real Time Structural Health Monitoring

Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, Ali Akbar Shah, Muhammad Aslam Uqaili, Tayab Memon

07-07-2020 | Issue 3/2020

The Future Role of Multi-business Model Innovation in a World with Digitalization and Global Connected Smart Cities

Per Valter, Peter Lindgren, Ramjee Prasad

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