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08-03-2019 | Battery | News | Article

FEV Unveils Electric Car Sven in Geneva

Patrick Schäfer

FEV and Share2Drive will be presenting the battery electric study Sven at the Geneva International Motor Show. The vehicle has been optimised for use in the city as well as for car sharing and fleet operators.

FEV and Share2Drive are unveiling their vehicle Sven at the Geneva International Motor Show. Share2Drive is a spin-off of the FH Aachen and an innovator for the mobility of tomorrow. Sven is an abbreviation for Shared Vehicle Electric Native, and the car is intended to be of particular interest to car sharing and fleet operators as a battery-powered, urban vehicle. Sven is only 2,500 mm long and 1,750 mm wide, requiring little space in traffic. 

The swing-sliding doors of the 1,600 mm high vehicle should make it easier to get in and out of the 2+1-seater, even when parking diagonally. Foldable seats allow a loading volume between 210 and 580 l. The "FlexBody" concept is intended to offer a high degree of crash safety.

Sven is a small and lightweight e-mobile for the city 

The 850 kilogram city car is powered by a 24 kW (33 hp) electric motor that draws its energy from a 20 kilowatt-hour battery. The WLTP range is said to be 140 kilometres: The maximum speed is 120 km/h.

The fully networked vehicle allows automatic presetting of interior temperature, seat position or music playlists via an individual profile. In addition, Sven's IT architecture is designed to maximize the use of vehicle data to provide operator-specific solutions. Only eight switches and buttons are intended to make operation easier for car sharing users. Sven's hardware is ready for automated driving, and the car could enter the market in 2021. 

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