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Issue 4/2023

Content (10 Articles)

Open Access Review

Biocontrol of weedy Sporobolus grasses in Australia using fungal pathogens

T. V. Steinrucken, J. S. Vitelli

Open Access

The establishment and spread of Tamarixia triozae, a parasitoid of the potato psyllid, in New Zealand

Melanie Davidson, Thalia Sachtleben, Frances MacDonald, Lisa Watkins, Anna-Marie Barnes, Gabby Drayton, Melanie Walker

Open Access

The impact of field margins on biological pest control: a meta-analysis

Lucy I. Crowther, Kenneth Wilson, Andrew Wilby

Original Article

Performance of the lady beetle Eriopis connexa to sequential exposure to selective insecticides prevailed over its pyrethroid resistance

Rogério Lira, Ellen Ketlen Silva Ferreira, Paulo Roberto Ramos Barbosa, Alvin M. Simmons, Jorge Braz Torres

Do silvopastoral management practices affect biological pest control in oil palm plantations?

Frisco Nobilly, Sharifah Nur Atikah, Muhammad Syafiq Yahya, Shokri Jusoh, Thomas M. R. Maxwell, Ahmad Razi Norhisham, Kamil Azmi Tohiran, Raja Zulkifli, Badrul Azhar

More than aphids in the guts of coccinellids revealed by molecular and visual analyses

Violeta Romero, Tania Zaviezo, Roland Sánchez, Audrey A. Grez

Pathogenicity characteristics of the entomopathogenic fungus Cordyceps javanica IJ-tg19 to Acyrthosiphon pisum

Di Wang, Pei-Xiang Xing, Hong-Liang Diao, Wen-Wen Zhou, Xian-Wei Li, Li-Jun Zhang, Rui-Yan Ma

Original Article

The efficacy of Steinernema feltiae in the control of Cydia pomonella in organic apple and pear orchards of Patagonia Argentina and its impact on local populations of entomopathogenic nematodes

Daiana Eliceche, Matías Rusconi, Matías Rosales, Javier Rossi, Augusto Salas, Candela Macagno, Federico D’Hervé, Carlos Silvestre, Fernanda Achinelly