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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 2/2019

Issue 2/2019

Table of Contents ( 20 Articles )

08-03-2019 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Extraction and characterization of lignin from olive pomace: a comparison study among ionic liquid, sulfuric acid, and alkaline treatments

Enrique Cequier, Johanna Aguilera, Mercè Balcells, Ramon Canela-Garayoa

17-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Optimization of process parameters and estimation of kinetic parameters for lactic acid production by Lactobacillus casei MTCC 1423

Avinash Thakur, Parmjit S. Panesar, Manohar Singh Saini

28-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019 Open Access

Energy performance comparisons and enhancements in the sugar cane industry

Eyerusalem Birru, Catharina Erlich, Andrew Martin

06-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019 Open Access

Selective hemicellulose hydrolysis of Scots pine sawdust

Annu Rusanen, Katja Lappalainen, Johanna Kärkkäinen, Tero Tuuttila, Marja Mikola, Ulla Lassi

19-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Combined pretreatments of eucalyptus sawdust for ethanol production within a biorefinery approach

Mairan Guigou, María Noel Cabrera, Mauricio Vique, Melissa Bariani, Juan Guarino, Mario Daniel Ferrari, Claudia Lareo

23-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Acidic hydrolysis performance and hydrolyzed lipid characterizations of wet Spirulina platensis

Nuapon Duongbia, Suraphon Chaiwongsar, Chatchawan Chaichana, Suparin Chaiklangmuang

12-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

A comparative investigation of H2O2-involved pretreatments on lignocellulosic biomass for enzymatic hydrolysis

Maoyuan Luo, Dong Tian, Fei Shen, Jinguang Hu, Yanzong Zhang, Gang Yang, Yongmei Zeng, Shihuai Deng, Yaodong Hu

22-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Characterization and use of southern cattail for biorefining-based production of furfural

M. T. García, M. A. M. Zamudio, J. M. Loaiza, A. B. Morales, A. Alfaro, F. Lopez, Juan Carlos García

03-01-2019 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Influence of biochar application on growth of Oryza sativa and its associated soil microbial ecology

G. Swagathnath, S. Rangabhashiyam, S. Murugan, P. Balasubramanian

21-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

From concept to practice: manufacturing of bio-lubricants from renewable resources

Margarita Matiliunaite, Tatjana Paulauskiene

01-02-2019 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Kinetic modelling and techno-economic analysis of biodiesel production from Calophyllum inophyllum oil

A. Arumugam, K. Gopinath, P. Anuse, B. Shwetha, V. Ponnusami

23-01-2019 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Impact of time on yield and properties of biocrude during downstream processing of product mixture derived from hydrothermal liquefaction of microalga

B. E. Eboibi

14-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Hydrothermal pretreatment with sulfonated bentonite catalyst enhances potassium removal and bioconversion of oil palm empty fruit bunch to sugar and biohydrogen

Boonya Charnnok, Chularat Sakdaronnarong, Nusara Sinbuathong

01-02-2019 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Tofu-derived nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon materials as metal-free catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction

Li Mu, Runwei Wang, Chao Tang

05-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Effect of process conditions on the properties of castor oil maleate and styrene copolymer produced by bulk polymerization

Dayanne L. H. Maia, Fabiano A. N. Fernandes

03-01-2019 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Production and optimization of NaCl-activated carbon from mango seed using response surface methodology

Aaron Dzigbor, Annie Chimphango

23-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Biofuel consisting of wheat straw–poplar wood blends: thermogravimetric studies and combustion characteristic indexes estimation

Sergio Paniagua, Ana I. García-Pérez, Luis F. Calvo

04-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Valorization of waste Indigofera tinctoria L. biomass generated from indigo dye extraction process—potential towards biofuels and compost

Lopa Pattanaik, Satya Narayan Naik, P. Hariprasad

04-02-2019 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Characterization of products obtained from hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass (Anchusa azurea) compared to other thermochemical conversion methods

Halil Durak

04-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 2/2019

Efficient metal-free conversion of glucose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using a boronic acid

Brian J. Graham, Ronald T. Raines

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