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08-07-2019 | Engineering + Development | News | Article

Sun Protection Coating for Domed Roof Windows and Skylights

Nadine Winkelmann

Regulating the interior temperature of storage halls is often quite challenging due to their domed roof windows and skylights. A special plastic coating with reflecting glass pearls reduces the heat stress without taking away too much daylight.

Industrial and logistics real estate is still booming in Germany, which is largely due to online trading. However, the food and pharmaceutical industries also have a high demand for large logistics and distribution centres in order to meet the customers' needs for ever shorter delivery times and availability. The actual storage halls are usually of a similar design: huge floor areas, skylights and domed roof windows for exploiting daylight or sunlight, and immense air-conditioning systems to stay within the prescribed temperature limits. Especially in the warmer months of the year, regulating the interior temperature is a challenge. The continuous sunlight coming in through the domed roof windows and skylights significantly warms up the halls, leading to heat accumulation and a significant increase in temperature. This is often associated with high air-conditioning costs.

A more pleasant indoor climate

The use of classic window films to reduce heat stress without taking away too much daylight is often impossible due to the curved shape of most skylights. For this purpose Haverkamp has developed a special plastic coating for one of the Rewe Group's most modern logistics warehouses. This coating contains reflective, custom-made glass pearls that provide a high level of light dispersion. After initial tests confirmed its effectiveness, the new coating (Opalfilm Liquid Pearl) was applied to a total of 335 domed roof windows in the warehouse. Since the coating has been applied, the hall climate has become much more pleasant and air-conditioning costs have fallen.

Not only can the sun protection coating be used for logistics centres, it can also be used for sports halls, production facilities and distribution centres. It can be applied to numerous substrates such as glass, polycarbonate or Plexiglas. An integrated UV filter reduces the transmission of UV rays, which further protects objects stored in the interior.

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