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Environmental Management

Issue 5/2023

Content (15 Articles)

Stream Habitats and Aquatic Communities in an Agricultural Watershed: Changes Related to a Mandatory Riparian Buffer Law

Neal D. Mundahl, Will L. Varela, Cole Weaver, Erik D. Mundahl, Jennifer L. Cochran-Biederman

Open Access

Multi-objective Allocation Optimization of Soil Conservation Measures Under Data Uncertainty

Moritz Hildemann, Edzer Pebesma, Judith Anne Verstegen

Open Access

Public Attitudes Toward Policy Instruments for Flood Risk Management

Jonathan Raikes, Daniel Henstra, Jason Thistlethwaite

Roles for Wildlife in the Development of Place Meanings Ascribed to a Protected Area

Evan L. Salcido, Carena J. van Riper, William P. Stewart, Benjamin A. Leitschuh

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