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Fibers and Polymers

Fibers and Polymers 1/2015

Issue 1/2015

Table of Contents ( 30 Articles )

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Chemical and physical modification of poly(p-phenylene benzobisoxazole) polymers for improving properties of the PBO fibers. I. Ultraviolet-ageing resistance of PBO fibers with naphthalene moiety in polymer chain

Qing Wei Wang, Kwan Han Yoon, Byung Gil Min

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Polymethacrylate-based fiber containing an interpenetrating polymer network and its use for oil absorption

Jinpeng Mo, Naiku Xu, Changfa Xiao, Bowen Cheng, Xutong Han

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Synthesis and characterization of a novel waterborne epoxy resin dye containing diazo sulfatoethylsulfone chromophore

Houlei Gan, Changhai Yi

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Preparation and properties of copper-silver complex plating on PET fabrics

Dan Yu, Weiya Li, Wei Wang, Jiajia Zhang

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Antimicrobial modification of cotton by reactive triclosan derivative

Zhiming Jiang, Le Fang, Xuehong Ren, T. S. Huang

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Extraction of natural dye from waste wine industry: Optimization survey based on a central composite design method

N. Baaka, M. Ben Ticha, W. Haddar, S. Hammami, M. F. Mhenni

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Response surface methodology optimized dyeing of wool with cumin seeds extract improved with plasma treatment

Aminoddin Haji, Sayyed Sadroddin Qavamnia

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Dyeing of polyester and polyamide at low temperature using solvent crazing technique

R. D. Kale, Ashis Banerjee, Gaurav Katre

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Ultrasound effect on dyeing wool fibers with two anthraquinone dyes

Andreia Sanislav, Magdalena Fogorasi, Michaela Dina Stanescu, Simona Muntean, Mihaela Dochia

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Cationic superfine pigment dyeing for wool using exhaust process by pH adjustment

Yali Li, Jiesheng Ren, Shaoyu Chen, Fei Fan, Qiankun Shen, Chaoxia Wang

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Adsorption of direct fast scarlet 4BS dye from aqueous solution onto natural superfine down particle

Fengxiang Chen, Lin Xiong, Mian Cai, Weilin Xu, Xin Liu

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Influence of fibre cross-sectional shape on air permeability of nonwovens

Dipayan Das, S. M. Ishtiaque, Shovan Das

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Optical and electrical investigation of the electrospun poly(N-vinyl carbazole) fibers

Argun Talat Gökçeören

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Thermoplastic polyurethane/polypropylene blends in a co-rotating non-twin screws extruder

Jia-sheng Luo, Bai-ping Xu, Hui-wen Yu, Yao-xue Du, Yan-hong Feng

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Study on die swell of cellulose diacetate spinning dope at the exit of regular triangular orifice

Qin Yu, Xiaojun Xu, Li Zhang, Jianhua Cao, Chaojie Deng, Qiang Wang, Xuerong Fan

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Fabrication of CNFs/ZnO nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic activity and mechanical properties

Jing Ye, Quan Hui, Ni Li, Jie Xiong

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Effects of organic montmorillonite with different interlayer spacing on mechanical properties, crystallization and morphology of polyamide 1010/nanometer calcium carbonate nanocomposites

Xuan Yin, Guosheng Hu

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Enhanced dispersion of carbon nanotubes in high density polyethylene matrix using secondary nanofiller and compatibilizer

M. E. Ali Mohsin, Agus Arsad, Syed K. H. Gulrez, Zurina Muhamad, H. Fouad, Othman Y. Alothman

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Dynamic mechanical and impact properties of composites reinforced with carbon nanotubes

V. Obradović, D. B. Stojanović, I. Živković, V. Radojević, P. S. Uskoković, R. Aleksić

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Fibre-matrix adhesion and properties evaluation of sisal polymer composite

Ruhi Haque, Mohini Saxena, S. C. Shit, P. Asokan

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Decision making model for optimal reinforcement condition of natural fiber composites

Faris M. AL-Oqla, S. M. Sapuan, M. R. Ishak, A. A. Nuraini

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Experimental determination of mechanical properties of banana jute hybrid composite

B. Vijaya Ramnath, R. Sharavanan, M. Chandrasekaran, C. Elanchezhian, R. Sathyanarayanan, R. Niranjan Raja, S. Junaid Kokan

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Impact response of nano reinforced mat glass/epoxy laminates

J. A. M. Ferreira, D. S. C. Santos, C. Capela, J. D. M. Costa

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Leather fibres as reinforcement for epoxy composites: A novel perspective

Rethinam Senthil, Sathyaraj Weslen Vedakumari, Thiagarajan Hemalatha, Bhabendra Nath Das, Thotapalli Parvathaleswara Sastry

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Effect of alumina nanoparticles on the enhancement of impact and flexural properties of the short glass/carbon fiber reinforced epoxy based composites

Akash Mohanty, V. K. Srivastava

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Composites from water hyacinth (Eichhornea crassipe) and polyester resin

N. Flores Ramirez, Y. Sanchez Hernandez, J. Cruz de Leon, S. R. Vasquez Garcia, L. Domratcheva Lvova, L. Garcia Gonzalez

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

A new method to evaluate fabric shape style based on motion capture

Yanmei Li, Qingting Gu, Xiang Liu, Yingmei Wang, Qingyun Han

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Numerical analysis of fibers tensions in the Siro-spinning triangle using finite element method

Xinjin Liu, Na Liu, Xuzhong Su, Hong Zhang

01-01-2015 | Issue 1/2015

Manufacturing and property evaluations of X-ray shielding fabric and pattern making of vests

Jia-Horng Lin, Jen-Chieh Chung, Yu-Zhen Zeng, Yu-Chang Liu, Yung-Fang Lu, Shih-Peng Wen, Ching-Wen Lou

01-01-2015 | Communication | Issue 1/2015

Mechanical properties of co-woven-knitted fabric/epoxy composites incorporating carbon nanotubes

Pibo Ma, Gaoming Jiang, Lijuan Yu, Qing Chen, Xuhong Miao, Honglian Cong

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