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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

Issue 8/2022

Content (25 Articles)

Original Paper

Response Characteristics of Slope Subjected to Blasting: A Case Study in Manaoke Open-pit Gold Mine

Qinglin Li, Bijiang Dai, Lujun Long, Dongming Zhang, Feng Liang

Original Paper

On the Mechanism of Stress Superposition Inducing Outburst Under the Influence of Blind Fault Instability

Xun Zhao, Tao Feng, Ping Wang, Pengfei Wang, Ze Liao, Hongsheng Li, Ze Zhou

Original Paper

Numerical Slope Stability Analysis of Deep Excavations Under Rainfall Infiltration

Alexandros V. Deliveris, Alexandros I. Theocharis, Nikolaos C. Koukouzas, Ioannis E. Zevgolis

Original Paper

Prediction of Water Inflow into Tunnel Crossing Intersecting Faults Based on IDB Seepage Model

Jing Wu, Li Wu, Ya-ni Lu, Yan-hua Han, Jun-jie Jiang

Original Paper

A Review on Hydraulic Fracture Height Growth for Layered Formation

Peng Tan, Jiawei Kao, Fushan Cheng, Yiliu Sun, Shihao Fu, Lejia Ren

Original Paper

Correlations between SPT, CPT, and Vs for Reclaimed Lands near Dubai

Zahid Khan, Mohammad Yamin, Mousa Attom, Nasser Al Hai

Original Paper

Numerical Analysis of Infiltration in One-Dimensional Unsaturated Soil–Geotextile Column

G. B. Castro, A. T. Siacara, A. Nardelli, L. Lenzi, M. M. Futai


Correction to: Numerical Analysis of Infiltration in One‑Dimensional Unsaturated Soil–Geotextile Column

G. B. Castro, A. T. Siacara, A. Nardelli, L. Lenzi, M. M. Futai

Original Paper

Influence of Electrokinetic Process on Compressibility Behaviour of Salt Affected Soils

Fatima Zohra Hadjadj, Nadia Laredj, Mustapha Maliki, Hanifi Missoum

Original Paper

Directional Support Method for Tunnel Jointed Rock Mass

Xu Wu, Jinliang Xu, Liyuan Zhang, Jinglai Sun, Zhengyu He, Jun Gao

Original Paper

Assessment of Lateritic Gravelled Materials for Use in Road Pavements in Cameroon

Carlos Foko Tamba, Lucas Kengni, Paul Tematio, Bertile Ilalie Manefouet, Jean Victor Kenfack

Technical Note

Earthquake Response of Ring Foundation in Cohesionless Soil

Kedar Birid, Deepankar Choudhury