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Photonic Network Communications OnlineFirst articles

03-11-2022 | Original Paper

Performance of DSP-assisted gray-coded DP-16-QAM Nyquist-DWDM super-channel transceiver for high-speed long-haul optical interconnects

In this paper, a 64-channel Nyquist-DWDM system has been proposed for spectral-efficient long-haul optical interconnects. Dual-polarization 16-QAM has been used at each transmitter, and the homodyne detection technique decodes the transmitted …

Dhiman Kakati, Ramesh Kumar Sonkar

30-10-2022 | Original Paper

Topology optimization algorithm for UAV formation based on wireless ultraviolet communication

The wireless ultraviolet (UV) communication can be applied to assist unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to complete cooperative reconnaissance, combat, defense and other tasks in the complex environment. This paper focuses on the topology …

Taifei Zhao, Dandan Cao, Jiatong Yao, Shuang Zhang

28-10-2022 | Original Paper

A vectored fragmentation metric for elastic optical networks

When circuits are set up and dismantled dynamically in elastic optical networks, the link spectrum becomes fragmented. The fragmentation limits the available path choices and may lead to significant blocking of connection requests. The …

Anjali Sharma, Varsha Lohani, Yatindra Nath Singh

26-10-2022 | Original Paper

CNN direct equalization in OFDM-VLC systems: evaluations in a numerical model based on experimental characterizations

An investigation on the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) equalization using deep learning architectures for a multipath single-input single-output visible light communication (VLC) channel is presented in this work. Convolution …

Wesley S. Costa, Jorge L. A. Samatelo, Helder R. O. Rocha, Marcelo E. V. Segatto, Jair A. L. Silva