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An ant colony optimization approach for the proportionate multiprocessor open shop

Multiprocessor open shop makes a generalization to classical open shop by allowing parallel machines for the same task. Scheduling of this shop environment to minimize the makespan is a strongly NP-Hard problem. Despite its wide application areas …


On the restricted k-Steiner tree problem

Given a set P of n points in $$\mathbb {R}^2$$ R 2 and an input line $$\gamma $$ γ in $$\mathbb {R}^2$$ R 2 , we present an algorithm that runs in optimal $$\varTheta (n\log n)$$ Θ ( n log n ) time and $$\varTheta (n)$$ Θ ( n ) space to solve a …


Metaheuristic algorithms for the bandwidth reduction of large-scale matrices

This paper considers the bandwidth reduction problem for large-scale sparse matrices in serial computations. A heuristic for bandwidth reduction reorders the rows and columns of a given sparse matrix. Thus, the method places entries with a nonzero …


Adjacent vertex distinguishing edge coloring of IC-planar graphs

The adjacent vertex distinguishing edge coloring of a graph G is a proper edge coloring in which each pair of adjacent vertices is assigned different color sets. The smallest number of colors for which G has such a coloring is denoted by $$\chi …


Adaptive online portfolio strategy based on exponential gradient updates

Based on the momentum principle and adaptive learning mechanism, we design online portfolio selection strategies, which are suitable for nonstationary financial market. Firstly, we propose a Moving-window-based Adaptive Exponential Gradient (MAEG) …

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This journal advances and promotes the theory and applications of combinatorial optimization, which is an area of research at the intersection of applied mathematics, computer science, and operations research and which overlaps with many other areas such as computation complexity, computational biology, VLSI design, communication networks, and management science. It includes complexity analysis and algorithm design for combinatorial optimization problems, numerical experiments and problem discovery with applications in science and engineering.

The Journal of Combinatorial Optimization publishes refereed papers dealing with all theoretical, computational and applied aspects of combinatorial optimization. It also publishes reviews of appropriate books and special issues of journals.

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