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Journal of Economics and Finance

Issue 3/2023

Content (12 Articles)

Political culture and corporate cash holdings

Chih-Huei Banks, Huajing Hu, Katarzyna Platt

Granular banks and corporate investment

Adriano Maia, Guilherme De Oliveira, Raul Matsushita, Sergio Da Silva

Social bonds and the “social premium”

Costanza Torricelli, Eleonora Pellati

Open Access

Expected vs. real growth of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange

Piotr Pietraszewski, Agata Gniadkowska-Szymańska, Monika Bolek

Unconventional monetary policy and the stock market

Sajjadur Rahman, Apostolos Serletis

Open Access

Do artificial neural networks provide improved volatility forecasts: Evidence from Asian markets

Mehmet Sahiner, David G. McMillan, Dimos Kambouroudis

Open Access

Higher moment connectedness of cryptocurrencies: a time-frequency approach

Kingstone Nyakurukwa, Yudhvir Seetharam