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Books Management + Leadership

Books Management + Leadership

2023 | Book

Persian Gulf 2023

India’s Relations with the Region

The book is 10th in the Persian Gulf Series by Middle East Institute, New Delhi (MEI@ND) and 5th with Springer Nature. It focuses on regional developments in the Gulf and India’s relations with the region in the preceding years; hence, Persian …

Md. Muddassir Quamar, Sameena Hameed, P. R. Kumaraswamy

2020 | Book

Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes

This book gathers selected papers presented at the International Conference on Advances in Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes, held at CMS College, Kerala, India, on 7–10 January 2019. It showcases high-quality research conducted in the …

Dr. V. C. Joshua, Prof. Dr. S. R. S. Varadhan, Prof. Dr. Vladimir M. Vishnevsky

2020 | Book

Trade and Regional Integration in South Asia

A Tribute to Saman Kelegama

Gathering contributions from leading academics and international trade experts from South Asia, this book is dedicated to the late Dr. Saman Kelegma, whose untimely death in June 2017 left a huge void in the field of regional economic cooperation.

Dr. Selim Raihan, Prof. Prabir De

2023 | Book

Sustainability Analytics Toolkit for Practitioners

Creating Value in the 21st Century

This book solicits meaningful contributions from key experts and practitioners that have been dealing with the emerging area of sustainability analytics. In doing so, readers would understand the cost, impact and performance of their …

Renard Siew

2019 | Book

2030 Agenda and India: Moving from Quantity to Quality

Exploring Convergence and Transcendence

This book presents a selection of multifaceted development issues involving social, economic and environmental aspects, in order to inspire and guide implementation of the United Nations’ SDGs. It focuses on economic development, human well-being …

Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi, Prof. T. C. James, Dr. Sabyasachi Saha, Prativa Shaw

2023 | Book

Annual Report on Actions to Address Climate Change (2019)

Climate Risk Prevention

This book highlights China’s theoretical advances and practical actions toward climate risk prevention in 2019. It provides both an overview and detailed discussion of specific topics, including case studies. The general report assesses the latest …

Guiyang Zhuang, Qingchen Chao, Guoquan Hu, Jiahua Pan

Open Access 2023 | Open Access | Book

Sustainable Qatar

Social, Political and Environmental Perspectives

This open access book provides a topical overview of the key sustainability issues in Qatar, focusing on environmental sustainability from a socio-political perspective. The transition to a sustainable Qatar requires engagement with diverse areas …

Logan Cochrane, Reem Al-Hababi

2022 | Book

Energy Productivity and Economic Growth

Experiences of the Japanese Industries, 1955–2019

Energy costs in the economy amount to only a few percent of gross domestic product, but their importance to economic growth is much greater than their apparent number. Energy is used in almost all production and consumption activities, and energy …

Koji Nomura

2023 | Book

Safeguarding Against Statelessness at Birth

International Law and Domestic Legal Frameworks of ASEAN Member States

This book covers the essential aspects of prevention of childhood statelessness focusing on norms governing the subject through the rights to acquire a nationality and to birth registration, two vital safeguards to prevent statelessness among …

Rodziana Mohamed Razali

Open Access 2022 | Open Access | Book

Periphery and Small Ones Matter

Interplay of Policy and Social Capital

This open access book analyzes the dualism and inequality insofar as how it is manifested in interregional disparity and small enterprises. Using the case of Indonesia, the author considers how the general direction of policy should be to mitigate …

Prof. Iwan J. Azis

2016 | Book

Boundaryless Hospital

Rethink and Redefine Health Care Management

This book discusses current health care challenges and new strategies for innovative solutions in this area from an interdisciplinary perspective of health care management, business economics, and medicine. It presents the idea of a “boundaryless

Horst Albach, Heribert Meffert, Andreas Pinkwart, Ralf Reichwald, Wilfried von Eiff

Open Access 2018 | Open Access | Book

Housing Estates in Europe

Poverty, Ethnic Segregation and Policy Challenges

This open access book explores the formation and socio-spatial trajectories of large housing estates in Europe. Are these estates clustered or scattered? Which social groups originally had access to residential space in housing estates? What is …

Dr. Daniel Baldwin Hess, Dr. Tiit Tammaru, Prof. Dr. Maarten van Ham

2018 | Book

Digital Transformation Now!

Guiding the Successful Digitalization of Your Business Model

Is digitalization a value-added approach? Global leaders believe so, and this book reveals how to digitally transform your business model and compete in today’s economy. It presents a roadmap consisting of five phases; Digital Reality, Digital …

Prof. Dr. Daniel R. A. Schallmo, Christopher A. Williams

2023 | Book

British Foreign Policy in former Yugoslavia 1989–1999

Brotherhood and Unity Lost

British Foreign Policy in former Yugoslavia 1989-1999: Brotherhood and Unity Lost, gives a broad analysis of Britain’s foreign policy during the wars of Yugoslav secessions from 1992 to 1999. Normative approaches to Britain’s foreign policy during …

John P McCumiskey

2023 | Book

Africa's Path to Net-Zero

Exploring Scenarios for a Sustainable Energy Transition

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities for achieving a net-zero energy transition in Africa. With a focus on policy, technology, financing, and socio-political factors, the book presents four potential …

Samuel Chukwujindu Nwokolo, Rubee Singh, Shahbaz Khan, Anil Kumar, Sunil Luthra

2023 | Book

The Problem of Governing

Essays for Richard Rose

This book provides an appreciation of the work of renowned scholar Richard Rose. Over a career spanning more than six decades, Rose has explored a vast range of subjects related to British, American and comparative politics. His work, however, has …

Michael Keating, Ian McAllister , Edward C Page, B Guy Peters

2023 | Book

Family Business Cases

Insights and Perspectives from the United Arab Emirates

This book provides insights into family businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) using a unique collection of case studies that help gain a comprehensive understanding of UAE family firms' profiles and the ways they respond to everyday …

Khaula Alkaabi, Veland Ramadani

2023 | Book

Game Theory

An Introduction with Step-by-Step Examples

An introduction to game theory, complete with step-by-step tools and detailed examples.

This book offers condensed breakdowns of game-theory concepts. Specifically, this textbook provides “tools” or “recipes” to solve different classes of games.

Ana Espinola-Arredondo, Felix Muñoz-Garcia

Open Access 2023 | Open Access | Book

Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2023

Proceedings of the ENTER 2023 eTourism Conference, January 18-20, 2023

This open access book provides an extensive overview of the usage of information and communication technologies in the tourism and hospitality industry. It presents the proceedings of the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism …

Berta Ferrer-Rosell, David Massimo, Katerina Berezina

Open Access 2024 | Open Access | Book

Human-Centred Economics

The Living Standards of Nations

This open access book examines the chronic underperformance of economies with respect to inclusion, sustainability and resilience. It finds that the standard liberal economic growth and development model has evolved over the past century in a …

Richard Samans