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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 4/2011

Issue 4/2011

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Energy geotechnology

J. Carlos Santamarina, Gye-Chun Cho

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Sustainable development and energy geotechnology — Potential roles for geotechnical engineering

R. J. Fragaszy, J. C. Santamarina, A. Amekudzi, D. Assimaki, R. Bachus, S. E. Burns, M. Cha, G. C. Cho, D. D. Cortes, S. Dai, D. N. Espinoza, L. Garrow, H. Huang, J. Jang, J. W. Jung, S. Kim, K. Kurtis, C. Lee, C. Pasten, H. Phadnis, G. Rix, H. S. Shin, M. C. Torres, C. Tsouris

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Offshore foundation systems for resource recovery: Assessing the three-dimensional response of jack-up platforms

Mark J. Cassidy

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Geotechnical issues related to renewable energy

Tae Sup Yun, Jong-Sub Lee, Seung-Cheol Lee, Young Jin Kim, Hyung-Koo Yoon

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Emerging geothermal energy technologies

I. W. Johnston, G. A. Narsilio, S. Colls

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Energy geo-storage — analysis and geomechanical implications

Cesar Pasten, J. Carlos Santamarina

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Geomechanical challenges in petroleum reservoir exploitation

Maurice B. Dusseault

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

A critical evaluation of unconventional gas recovery from the marcellus shale, northeastern United States

Dae Sung Lee, Jonathan D. Herman, Derek Elsworth, Hyun Tae Kim, Hyun Suk Lee

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Review on the gas hydrate development and production as a new energy resource

Joo Yong Lee, Byung Jae Ryu, Tae Sup Yun, Jaehyung Lee, Gye-Chun Cho

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Geological disposal of energy-related waste

N. N. N. Yeboah, S. E. Burns

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

CO2 geological storage — Geotechnical implications

D. N. Espinoza, S. H. Kim, J. C. Santamarina

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Geological storage of high level nuclear waste

Jin-Seop Kim, Sang-Ki Kwon, Marcelo Sanchez, Gye-Chun Cho

01-04-2011 | Issue 4/2011

Embodied energy: Soil retaining geosystems

Kenichi Soga, Chris Chau, Duncan Nicholson, Heleni Pantelidou

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