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Mechanical Engineering Series

Mechanical Engineering Series
93 Volumes | 1989 - 2019


The Mechanical Engineering Series presents advanced level treatment of topics on the cutting edge of mechanical engineering. Designed for use by students, researchers and practicing engineers, the series presents modern developments in mechanical engineering and its innovative applications in applied mechanics, bioengineering, dynamic systems and control, energy, energy conversion and energy systems, fluid mechanics and fluid machinery, heat and mass transfer, manufacturing science and technology, mechanical design, mechanics of materials, micro- and nano-science technology, thermal physics, tribology, and vibration and acoustics. The series features graduate-level texts, professional books, and research monographs in key engineering science concentrations.

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2019 | Book

Theory of Vibration

An Introduction

This fully revised and updated third edition covers the physical and mathematical fundamentals of vibration analysis, including single degree of freedom, multi-degree of freedom, and continuous systems. A new chapter on special topics that include …

2018 | Book

The History of Multiphase Science and Computational Fluid Dynamics

A Personal Memoir

This book tells the story of how the science of computational multiphase flow began in an effort to better analyze hypothetical light water power reactor accidents, including the “loss of coolant” accident. Written in the style of a memoir by an …

2018 | Book

Characteristics and Control of Low Temperature Combustion Engines

Employing Gasoline, Ethanol and Methanol

This book deals with novel advanced engine combustion technologies having potential of high fuel conversion efficiency along with ultralow NOx and particulate matter (PM) emissions. It offers insight into advanced combustion modes for efficient utilization of gasoline like fuels.

2018 | Book

Modeling Transport Phenomena in Porous Media with Applications

This book is an ensemble of six major chapters, an introduction, and a closure on modeling transport phenomena in porous media with applications. Two of the six chapters explain the underlying theories, whereas the rest focus on new applications.

2018 | Book

Fracture Mechanics

With an Introduction to Micromechanics

Concerned with the fundamental concepts and methods of fracture mechanics and micromechanics, this textbook primarily focuses on the mechanical description of fracture process. However, material specific aspects are also discussed. The …

2018 | Book

Mass and Energy Balances

Basic Principles for Calculation, Design, and Optimization of Macro/Nano Systems

This textbook introduces students to mass and energy balances and focuses on basic principles for calculation, design, and optimization as they are applied in industrial processes and equipment. While written primarily for undergraduate programs …

2018 | Book

Synthesis and Characterization of Piezotronic Materials for Application in Strain/Stress Sensing

This book explores the new materials and the resultant new field of piezotronics. The growth and alignment of the zinc oxide nanostructures are discussed in detail because of its wide adoption in this field and its significance in optics, health …

2018 | Book

Advanced Noncontact Cutting and Joining Technologies

Micro- and Nano-manufacturing

This book illuminates advanced cutting and joining processes, what they are used for, and the capabilities of these manufacturing techniques, especially in micro- and nano-fabrication. The authors illustrate the use of water jets and lasers that …

2018 | Book

Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing

This book focuses on advanced processing of new and emerging materials, and advanced manufacturing systems based on thermal transport and fluid flow. It examines recent areas of considerable growth in new and emerging manufacturing techniques and …

2017 | Book

Computational Transport Phenomena of Fluid-Particle Systems

This book concerns the most up-to-date advances in computational transport phenomena (CTP), an emerging tool for the design of gas-solid processes such as fluidized bed systems. The authors examine recent work in kinetic theory and CTP and …

2016 | Book

Analytical Heat and Fluid Flow in Microchannels and Microsystems

This book focuses on the modeling and analysis of heat and fluid flow in microchannels and micro-systems, compiling a number of analytical and hybrid numerical-analytical solutions for models that account for the relevant micro-scale effects, with th

2015 | Book

A Tissue Regeneration Approach to Bone and Cartilage Repair

Reviewing exhaustively the current state of the art of tissue engineering strategies for regenerating bones and joints through the use of biomaterials, growth factors and stem cells, along with an investigation of the interactions between biomater

2014 | Book

Thermal Contact Conductance

The work covers both theoretical and practical aspects of thermal contact conductance. The theoretical discussion focuses on heat transfer through spots, joints, and surfaces, as well as the role of interstitial materials (both planned and inadverten

2014 | Book

Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems

Theory, Methods, and Algorithms

The 4th edition includes updated and additional examples and exercises on the core fundamental concepts of mechanics, robots, and kinematics of serial robots. New images of CAD models and physical robots help to motivate concepts being introduced. Ea

2014 | Book

Servo Motors and Industrial Control Theory

Servo Motors and Industrial Control Theory is the only text focused on the fundamentals of servo motors and control theory. Graphical methods for classical control theory have been augmented with worked examples using MatLab and Mathcad to reflect

2014 | Book

Tokamak Engineering Mechanics

Tokamak Engineering Mechanics offers concise and thorough coverage of engineering mechanics theory and application for tokamaks, and the material is reinforced by numerous examples. Chapter topics include general principles, static mechanic

2014 | Book

The Motor Car

Past, Present and Future

This book is an introduction to automotive engineering, to give freshmen ideas about this technology. The text is subdivided in parts that cover all facets of the automobile, including legal and economic aspects related to industry and products, product configuration and fabrication processes, historic evolution and future developments.

2013 | Book

Rotors: Stress Analysis and Design

Stress and strain analysis of rotors subjected to surface and body loads, as well as to thermal loads deriving from temperature variation along the radius, constitutes a classic subject of machine design. Nevertheless attention is limited to rotor profiles for which governing equations are solvable in closed form.

2012 | Book

Dynamic Response of Linear Mechanical Systems

Modeling, Analysis and Simulation

Dynamic Response of Linear Mechanical Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Simulation can be utilized for a variety of courses, including junior and senior-level vibration and linear mechanical analysis courses. The author connects, by means of

2012 | Book

Fluid Effects in Polymers and Polymeric Composites

Fluid Effects in Polymers and Polymeric Composites, written by the late Dr. Y. Jack Weitsman, addresses the wide range of parameters that affect the interaction of fluids with polymers and polymeric composites. The book aims at broadening t