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Numerical Algorithms

Numerical Algorithms 2/2021

Issue 2/2021

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

02-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Two algorithms for periodic extension on uniform grids

Nira Gruberger, David Levin

28-05-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Symplecticness conditions of some low order partitioned methods for non-autonomous Hamiltonian systems

Laurent O. Jay

14-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Nonstationary vs. stationary iterative processes

Luba Sapir, Tamara Kogan, Ariel Sapir, Amir Sapir

05-06-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

Local error estimation and step size control in adaptive linear multistep methods

Carmen Arévalo, Gustaf Söderlind, Yiannis Hadjimichael, Imre Fekete

30-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

A new strong convergence for solving split variational inclusion problems

Duong Viet Thong, Vu Tien Dung, Yeol Je Cho

24-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Acceleration of automatic differentiation of solutions to parabolic partial differential equations: a higher order discretization

Kimiki Tokutome, Toshihiro Yamada

11-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

On the eigenvalues of spectral gaps of matrix-valued Schrödinger operators

Salma Aljawi, Marco Marletta

11-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

A truncated Clenshaw-Curtis formula approximates integrals over a semi-infinite interval

Hiroshi Sugiura, Takemitsu Hasegawa

14-09-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Numerical solution of a class of third-kind Volterra integral equations using Jacobi wavelets

S. Nemati, Pedro M. Lima, Delfim F. M. Torres

23-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Oscillation-preserving algorithms for efficiently solving highly oscillatory second-order ODEs

Xinyuan Wu, Bin Wang, Lijie Mei

04-04-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Choice of the parameters in a primal-dual algorithm for Bregman iterated variational regularization

Erdem Altuntac

12-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

A fast temporal second-order compact ADI difference scheme for the 2D multi-term fractional wave equation

Hong Sun, Zhi-zhong Sun

19-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Fast computation of binomial coefficients

Leonardo C. Araujo, João P. H. Sansão, Adriano S. Vale-Cardoso

11-07-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Distribution-dependent SDEs with Hölder continuous drift and α-stable noise

Xing Huang, Fen-Fen Yang

21-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Near-optimal tension parameters in convexity preserving interpolation by generalized cubic splines

Vladimir V. Bogdanov, Yuriy S. Volkov

22-05-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Efficient, non-iterative, and decoupled numerical scheme for a new modified binary phase-field surfactant system

Chen Xu, Chuanjun Chen, Xiaofeng Yang

02-04-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Fast and stable evaluation of splines and their derivatives generated by the seven-direction quartic box-spline

Minho Kim

28-03-2020 | Original Paper | Issue 2/2021

Block collocation boundary value solutions of the first-kind Volterra integral equations

Ling Liu, Junjie Ma

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