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Polymer Science, Series D

Glues and Sealing Materials

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About this journal

The journal publishes both theoretical and applied articles devoted to the operational properties of glues, sealing materials, binding agents, and compounds; modern technologies of gluing and sealing; equipment and facilities used in various manufactures; methods of laboratory, development, and service testing. In addition, the journal publishes original articles with the results of up-to-date progress, analytical reviews of the modern state, and predictions of development of various directions of adhesive technologies.

Main sections of the journal are the following:

Scientific Schools: Adhesion Theory; Methods of Controlling of Adhesive Strength; Methods of Synthesis of Resins, Hardening Agents, Plasticizers, etc. History of Development of Separate Groups of Gluing and Sealing Materials; Biographies of Leading Scientists in the Field of Theory and Practice of Gluing and Sealing.

Properties of Materials: Deformation and Strength, Thermal and Electrical, and Other Properties of Glues and Sealing Materials Based on Epoxide, Polyurethane, Phenol Formaldehyde, Organosilicon, Polyvinyl Chloride, Polysulfide, Acrylate, Cyanoacrylate, etc.

Technology: Methods of Preparation of Surfaces to Gluing; Methods of Accelerated Condensation and Vulcanization of Gluing and Sealing Materials; Methods of Quality Control of Gluing and Sealing.

Methods of Analysis and Testing: Methods of Laboratory, Development, and Service Testing of Gluing and Sealing Materials and Glued Constructions. Modern Methods of Investigation of the Structure and Properties of Materials.

Calculation of Glued Joints: Analytical and Numerical Methods of Calculation of Glued Joints and Constructions. Methods of Evaluation of Their Reliability.

Fields of Application: Operational Features of Various Glued and Sealed Structures and Constructions.

General Problems: Prediction of Development, Reviews, Standards, Databases on Various Groups of Gluing and Sealing Materials; Conferences, Seminars, Reference Data

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