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Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting

Issue 3/2023

Content (12 Articles)

Original Research

Do analysts’ target prices stabilize the stock market?

Markus Buxbaum, Wolfgang Schultze, Samuel L. Tiras

Original Research

Industry co-agglomeration, executive mobility and compensation

Markus Broman, Debarshi K. Nandy, Yisong S. Tian

Original Research

Another look at the dividend-price relationship in the accounting valuation framework

Kathryn E. Easterday, Pradyot K. Sen

Original Research

Political uncertainty and corporate working capital in China

Wei Yu, Jianjun Jia, Ying Zheng

Original Research

Customer concentration and target price accuracy

Mu-Shu Yun, Lee-Young Cheng, Yan Zhao

Original Research

The implied cost of capital: accounting for growth

Stephen Penman, Julie Zhu, Haofei Wang

Original Research

Do lottery characteristics matter for analysts’ forecast behavior?

Mei-Chen Lin, J. Jimmy Yang

Original Research

The influences of information demand and supply on stock price synchronicity

Yu-Fen Chen, Cheng-Few Lee, Fu-Lai Lin

Current Publications