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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 1/2004

Issue 1/2004

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

Removal of shells of multi-wall carbon nanotubes by repeatedly scanning bias voltage

Qiuhong Li, Taihong Wang

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

Magnetic reconnection structures in the boundary layer of an interplanetary magnetic cloud

Fengsi Wei, Rui Liu, Xueshang Feng, Dingkun Zhong, Fang Yang

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

Multi-objective optimization design of airfoil and wing

Ziqiang Zhu, Hongyan Fu, Rixin Yu, Jie Liu

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

A micromechanical bridge-shaped voltage-controlled oscillator

Jianqiang Han, Changchun Zhu, Hongpo Zhao, Junhua Liu, Jun Shao

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

Optical pulse compression using a nonlinear optical loop mirror constructed from dispersion decreasing fiber

Wenhua Cao, Songhao Liu

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

Simulation of dimer diffusion on metal fcc (001) surfaces by molecular dynamics

Qingwei Liu, Jun Zhuang

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

Qualitative analysis of the CCEBC/EEAC method

Haohui Liao, Yun Tang

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

Processing technique of target capsule's micro inflation hole with a scanning probe

Tao Sun, Yongda Yan, Dangzhong Gao, Yongjian Tang, Yibei Fu, Shen Dong

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

A unified approach to kinematic synthesis of mechanism by adaptive curve fitting

Delun Wang, Shufen Wang

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

Numerical simulation of turbulent flow in helically coiled open-channels with compound cross-sections

Xuejun Shao, Hong Wang, Zhi Chen

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

Reanalysis of the 3D quasi-stationary grain size distribution based on Hillert's grain growth rate equation

Chao Wang, Guoquan Liu

01-01-2004 | Issue 1/2004

Nucleation barrier of fcc(γ)→hcp(ε) martensitic transformation in Fe-based alloys

Xing Huang, Shipu Chen

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