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31-01-2023 | Article

Memory-based adaptive event-triggered secure control of Markovian jumping neural networks suffering from deception attacks

In this article, we study the secure control of the Markovian jumping neural networks (MJNNs) subject to deception attacks. Considering the limitation of the network bandwidth and the impact of the deception attacks, we propose two memory-based …

30-01-2023 | Article

A cross-type imaging electron spectrometer

Energetic electron measurement is of great significance to theoretical space physics research and space weather applications. Current energetic electron detectors must cooperate with a spin-stabilized satellite platform to achieve high angular …

30-01-2023 | Article

Novel specular-reflection bandpass filter based on composite metagratings

Spectral bandpass filters serving as crucial signal processing components are widely applied in various electromagnetic/optical systems. However, the filtering of reflection signal always faces problems of notably accompanied transmission or …

30-01-2023 | Article

Development of a refined helical fuel mixing model and application to a helical fuel rod bundle

Fuel assemblies have a decisive impact on the performance and safety of nuclear reactors. Helical fuel has huge potential for application in small module reactors (SMRs) due to its advantages in volume power density and safety. Typical helical …

30-01-2023 | Article

Design and numerical analysis of serpentine microchannel integrated with inner-wall ridges for enhanced droplet mixing

A numerical model is developed for three-dimensional droplet mixing in serpentine microchannels with inner-wall ridges (referred to as SMR microchannels). The underlying mechanisms of mixing in SMR microchannels are revealed, and the effects of …

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