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11-09-2020 | Editorial


10-09-2020 | Article

Soft ionic-hydrogel electrodes for electroencephalography signal recording

Wet gel electrodes have been widely used for electroencephalography (EEG) signal recording, which generally causes skin abrasion and longer preparation time. In this paper, we present soft ionic-hydrogel based electrodes to overcome such …

08-09-2020 | Article

Facile construction of honeycomb-shaped porous carbon electrode materials using recyclable sodium chloride template for efficient lithium storage

Carbon materials are the preferred anode materials for Li-ion batteries. Here, we propose an easy and sustainable strategy to prepare honeycomb-shaped porous carbon (HPC) electrode materials through a process involving simple calcination and …

07-09-2020 | Article

Silk fibroin sponge combined with cell-derived ECM for tissue-engineered 3D functional neural tissues

The construction of engineered neural tissue using cell-derived extracellular matrix (ECM)-modified scaffolds is a promising approach. Silk fibroin (SF) sponge is an advantageous scaffold for the construction of engineered neural tissues, but it …

28-08-2020 | Article

Mapping the magnetic field in the solar corona through magnetoseismology

Magnetoseismology, a technique of magnetic field diagnostics based on observations of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves, has been widely used to estimate the field strengths of oscillating structures in the solar corona. However, previously …

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