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19-07-2019 | Article

Variable-model SMA-driven spherical robot

In this paper, we introduce a bionic spherical robot. This research has been inspired by the muscular organs and modularity of organisms such as starfish and octopuses. The robot that we fabricated uses five soft feet to crawl like a starfish, and …

19-07-2019 | Article

Distributed consensus-based algorithm for social welfare in smart grid with transmission losses

In this paper, we present a distributed consensus-based algorithm to solve the social welfare maximization problem. This is one of typical problems of distributed energy management in smart grid. In this problem, we consider not only the generator …

18-07-2019 | News & Views

New advances in multiple autonomous aerial robots formation control technology

18-07-2019 | Article

Robust superhydrophobic polyurethane sponge functionalized with perfluorinated graphene oxide for efficient immiscible oil/water mixture, stable emulsion separation and crude oil dehydration

In recent years, graphene oxide (GO), prepared by the modified Hummers’ method, and its derivatives have become a focus of research owing to their outstanding physical and chemical properties and low cost. Drawing inspiration from the mussel …

16-07-2019 | Review

Recent progress in stretchable organic field-effect transistors

Stretchable organic field-effect transistors (STOFETs) employing organic semiconductors as active layers are highly attractive ongoing from health monitoring to biological research owing to some favorable advantages over their inorganic …

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