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04-01-2022 | Article

A lightweight data-voting strategy for triple-modular redundant control computers

Triple-modular redundancy (TMR), a well-known methodology for improving the reliability of computer systems, has been used for onboard control computers in many safety-critical space applications. In this paper, a lightweight data-voting strategy …

04-01-2022 | Review

Antibacterial surfaces: Strategies and applications

Antibacterial surfaces are surfaces that can resist bacteria, relying on the nature of the material itself. It is significant for safe food and water, human health, and industrial equipment. Biofilm is the main form of bacterial contamination on …

31-12-2021 | Article

Hierarchical mesoporous S,N-codoped carbon nanostructures composed of Co/Co-Cu-S/carbon nanoplate arrays on carbon nanofibers as a self-supported air cathode for long-lasting rechargeable Zn-air batteries

One of the primary roadblocks to widespread applications of rechargeable Zn-air batteries is the durability issue with oxygen reduction and evolution processes (ORR/OER) bifunctional electrocatalysts. We herein report the construction of a …

30-12-2021 | Article

Deep multimodal learning for municipal solid waste sorting

Automated waste sorting can dramatically increase waste sorting efficiency and reduce its regulation cost. Most of the current methods only use a single modality such as image data or acoustic data for waste classification, which makes it …

30-12-2021 | Article

Real-time detection network for tiny traffic sign using multi-scale attention module

As one of the key technologies of intelligent vehicles, traffic sign detection is still a challenging task because of the tiny size of its target object. To address the challenge, we present a novel detection network improved from yolo-v3 for the …

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