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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 12/2012

Issue 12/2012

Special Topic on Structural Mechanics

Table of Contents ( 30 Articles )

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Relationship between local damage and structural dynamic behavior

ShanShan Wang, QingWen Ren

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Deployment simulation of cable-strut structures considering cable sliding

JianGuo Cai, Jian Feng, Kai Wang

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Experimental research and numerical simulation of RC beams strengthened with bonded steel plates

Dong Lei, GuangYuan Chen, YuQuan Chen, QingWen Ren

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

A mesoscale model based on Monte-Carlo method for concrete fracture behavior study

NaiLong Zhang, XiaoMing Guo, BiBo Zhu, Li Guo

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Interface stress element method and its application in analysis of anti-sliding stability of gravity dam

Qing Zhang, ZhiQiang Wang, XiaoZhou Xia

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Study on coupled vibration characteristics of a cylindrical container with multiple elastic annular baffles

JiaDong Wang, Ding Zhou, WeiQing Liu

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Test analysis on prestressed concrete composite beams with steel boxes subjected to torsion and combined flexure and torsion

ShaoWei Hu, Liang Chen

01-12-2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Issue 12/2012

Energy conserving and decaying algorithms for corotational finite element nonlinear dynamic responses of thin shells

JinSong Yang, PinQi Xia

01-12-2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Issue 12/2012

Thermal insulation constructal optimization for steel rolling reheating furnace wall based on entransy dissipation extremum principle

HuiJun Feng, LinGen Chen, ZhiHui Xie, FengRui Sun

01-12-2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Issue 12/2012

Some important aspects of wind-resistant studies on long-span bridges

Ming Gu

01-12-2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Issue 12/2012

Integrated risk assessment of complex disaster system based on a non-linear information dynamics model

Wei Wang, JingYu Su, DongHui Ma, Jie Tian

01-12-2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Issue 12/2012

Preparation of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) brush bonded on silicon substrate and its water-based lubricating property

YuHong Liu, YuQi Xiao, JianBin Luo

01-12-2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Issue 12/2012

On the thrust performance of an ionic polymer-metal composite actuated robotic fish: Modeling and experimental investigation

TianMiao Wang, Qi Shen, Li Wen, JianHong Liang

01-12-2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Issue 12/2012

Shape sensitivity analysis of flutter characteristics of a low aspect ratio supersonic wing using analytical method

Chao Yang, YouXu Yang, ZhiGang Wu

01-12-2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Issue 12/2012

Influence of initial alkalinity on the hydration of steel slag

Qiang Wang, JianWei Yang, PeiYu Yan

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Electrocatalytic evolution of oxygen on NiCu particles modifying conductive alumina/nano-carbon network composite electrode

XuHui Zhao, Masayoshi Fuji, Takashi Shirai, Hideo Watanabe, Minoru Takahashi

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Fabrication and characterization of squama-shape micro/nano multi-scale silicon material

XiaoSheng Zhang, FuYun Zhu, GuangYi Sun, HaiXia Zhang

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Investigation of surface morphology and ion activation of aluminium implanted 4H-SiC

QingWen Song, YuMing Zhang, YiMen Zhang, XiaoYan Tang

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Synthesis of polycrystalline γ-AlON powders by novel wet chemical processing

JingXuan Lei, FeiZhong Ma, Ying Shi, JianJun Xie, Wei Hu, ZhiWei Shi

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Research on desorption and regeneration of simulated decarbonization solution in the process of CO2 capture using ammonia method

ShuangChen Ma, MengXuan Wang, TingTing Han, WeiZhong Chen, DongLi Lu, GongDa Chen

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

FePCCu nanocrystalline alloys with excellent soft magnetic properties

YunLong Jin, XingDu Fan, He Men, XinCai Liu, BaoLong Shen

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Effect of composition on flexural behavior of engineered cementitious composites

JinLong Pan, Fang Yuan, Min Luo, KinYing Leung

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

An experimental and numerical study on the charring rate of timber beams exposed to three-side fire

Jin Zhang, ZengHui Liu, YiXiang Xu, ShuWei Ma, QingFeng Xu

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Function of shoulder muscles of driver in vehicle steering maneuver

YaHui Liu, XueWu Ji, Hayama Ryouhei, Mizuno Takahiro, LiMing Lou

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Experimental research on reasonable lubricant quantity for transmission gears used in high-speed train

Ying Liu, XiangJun Zhang, YiMing Zhang, YongGang Meng

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Multidiscipline collaborative optimization of differential steering system of electric vehicle with motorized wheels

WanZhong Zhao, XiaoHong Xu, ChunYan Wang

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Geometry-dependent springback behaviors of thin-walled tube upon cold bending

Heng Li, He Yang, YuLi Tian, GuangJun Li, ZhengHua Wang

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Dynamics of a deflectable-nose missile

XiaoFeng Sun, LiangXian Gu, ChunLin Gong

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Multi-objective optimization of the streamlined head of high-speed trains based on the Kriging model

ShuanBao Yao, DiLong Guo, ZhenXu Sun, GuoWei Yang, DaWei Chen

01-12-2012 | Issue 12/2012

Design performance evaluation and vortex structure investigation of different S-shaped intermediate turbine ducts

Qiang Du, Pei Wang, JianBo Gong, JunQiang Zhu

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