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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 5/2007

Issue 5/2007

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

New direction of computational fluid dynamics and its applications in industry

YaoSong Chen, XiaoWen Shan, HuDong Chen

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

Comparison of predicting drag methods using computational fluid dynamics in 2d/3d viscous flow

ZiQiang Zhu, XiaoLu Wang, Jie Liu, Zhou Liu

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

Experimental investigations on separation control and flow structure around a circular cylinder with synthetic jet

JinJun Wang, LiHao Feng, ChaoJun Xu

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

An approach to error elimination for multi-axis CNC machining and robot manipulation

CaiHua Xiong

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

A transient energy function for power systems including the induction motor model

Yong Min, Lei Chen

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

A reduced-order method for estimating the stability region of power systems with saturated controls

DeQiang Gan, HuanHai Xin, JiaJu Qiu, ZhenXiang Han

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

Measurement-based load modeling: Theory and application

Ma Jin, Han Dong, RenMu He

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

Dynamic extending nonlinear H∞ control and its application to hydraulic turbine governor

ShengWei Mei, XiaoYang Gui, Chen Shen, Qiang Lu

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

Experimental study on drying of typical MSW under incinerator-like conditions

YanGuo Zhang, MeiQian Chen, AiHong Meng, QingHai Li, YunXuan Chen

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

A new concept and preliminary study of variable hypersonic inlet with fixed geometry based on shockwave control

HuiJun Tan, Zhi Chen, GuangSheng Li

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

Synthesis and structure of NaNbO3 ceramic powders in ultrahigh pressure field

MingHe Cao, Wei Tian, MingFa Li, WenHua Sun, MingJie Hu, HanXing Liu

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

Relationship between the orientation of texture and heteroepitaxy of diamond and related materials films on silicon single crystal and the valence electron structure of the interface

Li ZhiLin, ZhiFeng Li, Qin Huang

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

Theoretical model and optimal design of silicon micromachined ultrasonic imaging transducers

LiFeng Ge

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

Design and optimization of cantilevered magnetostrictive film-substrate microactuator

B. Narsu, GuoHong Yun, JianHong Rong

01-10-2007 | Issue 5/2007

Numerical investigation of thermocapillary migration of the drop for large Marangoni numbers

Peng Gao, ZhaoHua Yin, WenRui Hu

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