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Small Business Economics

Small Business Economics 2/2021

Issue 2/2021

Special Issue: Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship, Special Issue: Smaller firms in a modern working life: How do we make entrepreneurship healthy? and Special Issue: Developments in entrepreneurial finance: crowdfunding, blockchain, and ICOs

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

28-10-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Arts and cultural entrepreneurship

Douglas S. Noonan

27-10-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Arts majors as entrepreneurs and innovators

Richard J. Paulsen, Neil Alper, Gregory Wassall

29-10-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Artists as public sector intrapreneurs: an experiment

Jessica Sherrod Hale, Joanna Woronkowicz

13-11-2020 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

Crowdfunding cultural and commercial entrepreneurs: an empirical study on motivation in distinct backer communities

Tobias Bürger, Simon Kleinert

05-11-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Looking for a change in scene: analyzing the mobility of crowdfunding entrepreneurs

Douglas S. Noonan, Shiri M. Breznitz, Sana Maqbool

04-11-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Creative and resourceful: How human, social, and psychological resources affect creative workers’ ability to rebound after failure

Jared Allen, Regan Stevenson, Tang Wang

03-11-2020 | Issue 2/2021

The economic psychology of creating and venturing: a comparative behavioural portrait of artists and entrepreneurs

Pia Arenius, Swee-Hoon Chuah, Bronwyn Coate, Robert Hoffmann

11-11-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Liminal spaces: A review of the art in entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship in art

Adrienne Callander, Michael E. Cummings

21-07-2020 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

New and small firms in a modern working life: how do we make entrepreneurship healthy?

Magnus Klofsten, Ellen MacEachen, Christian Ståhl

27-07-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Social sexual behaviour and co-worker trust in start-up enterprises

Robert Gillanders, Roisin Lyons, Lisa van der Werff

05-08-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Depression among entrepreneurs: a scoping review

Lauren Cubbon, Kristin Darga, Uira Duarte Wisnesky, Liz Dennett, Christine Guptill

07-08-2020 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

Designing for sustainable work during industrial startups—the case of a high-growth entrepreneurial firm

Ulrika Harlin, Martina Berglund

28-07-2020 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

A balancing act: Swedish occupational safety and health inspectors’ reflections on their bureaucratic role when supervising micro-enterprises

Emma Hagqvist, Stig Vinberg, Susanna Toivanen, Bodil J. Landstad

16-07-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Entrepreneurial experiences of Syrian refugee women in Canada: a feminist grounded qualitative study

Sonja Senthanar, Ellen MacEachen, Stephanie Premji, Philip Bigelow

30-07-2020 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

Managers’ work and behaviour patterns in profitable growth SMEs

Elena Ahmadi, Gloria Macassa, Johan Larsson

07-04-2020 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

The entrepreneurial finance markets of the future: a comparison of crowdfunding and initial coin offerings

Joern H. Block, Alexander Groh, Lars Hornuf, Tom Vanacker, Silvio Vismara

26-03-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Entrepreneurial fintech clusters

Marco Gazel, Armin Schwienbacher

26-03-2020 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

Crowdinvesting in entrepreneurial projects: disentangling patterns of investor behavior

Maximilian Goethner, Sebastian Luettig, Tobias Regner

10-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Two’s a company, three’s a crowd: Deal breaker terms in equity crowdfunding for prospective venture capital

Michael M. Moedl

20-03-2020 | Issue 2/2021

“Pledge” me your ears! The role of narratives and narrator experience in explaining crowdfunding success

Francesco Cappa, Michele Pinelli, Riccardo Maiolini, Maria Isabella Leone

20-03-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Initial coin offerings, asymmetric information, and loyal CEOs

Paul P. Momtaz

20-04-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Economics of philanthropy—evidence from health crowdfunding

Juliane Proelss, Denis Schweizer, Tingyu Zhou

04-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

Why do startups pursue initial coin offerings (ICOs)? The role of economic drivers and social identity on funding choice

Magnus Schückes, Tobias Gutmann

19-03-2020 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

Serial and large investors in initial coin offerings

Dmitri Boreiko, Dimche Risteski

05-05-2020 | Issue 2/2021

The smart contract revolution: a solution for the holdup problem?

Olivier Meier, Aurélie Sannajust

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