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Small Business Economics 3/2022
Small Business Economics

Issue 3/2022


Table of Contents (26 Articles)

Open Access 15-01-2021

The nascent ecology of social enterprise
Helen Haugh, Paul Robson, John Hagedoorn, Kate Sugar


Subjective value in entrepreneurship
Per L. Bylund, Mark D. Packard


Institutions, financial development, and small business survival: evidence from European emerging markets
Ichiro Iwasaki, Evžen Kočenda, Yoshisada Shida


Mapping SME productivity research: a systematic review of empirical evidence and future research agenda
Beldina Owalla, Cristian Gherhes, Tim Vorley, Chay Brooks

Open Access 05-04-2021

The mediating role of values in the relationship between religion and entrepreneurship
Cornelius A. Rietveld, Brigitte Hoogendoorn

Open Access 21-12-2020

The entrepreneurial financing of the immigrant entrepreneurs: a literature review
Bryan Malki, Timur Uman, Daniel Pittino


From discovery to commercialization: accretive intellectual property strategies among small, knowledge-based firms
Christopher S. Hayter, Albert N. Link


The added value of management skill in the explanation of the distribution of firm size
Luis Medrano-Adán, Vicente Salas-Fumás

Open Access 29-01-2021

Same same, but different: capital structures in single family offices compared with private equity firms
Antonia Schickinger, Alexandra Bertschi-Michel, Max P. Leitterstorf, Nadine Kammerlander

Open Access 25-01-2021

Determinants of financing constraints
Anabela Santos, Michele Cincera


The role of distinct ADHD symptoms for pre-entry entrepreneurial behavior: when intentions do not translate into action
Jarno Stappers, Petra Andries


Do Nonfamily Managers Enhance Family Firm Performance?
Hanqing Fang, James J. Chrisman, Joshua J. Daspit, Kristen Madison


Exploration-exploitation and acquisition likelihood in new ventures
Mohammad Keyhani, Yuval Deutsch, Anoop Madhok, Moren Lévesque

Open Access 29-01-2021

Innovation drivers of external competitiveness in the great recession
Emanuele Brancati, Raffaele Brancati, Dario Guarascio, Antonello Zanfei


One swallow does not make a summer: episodes and persistence in high growth
Silviano Esteve-Pérez, Fabio Pieri, Diego Rodriguez


Does globalization affect perceptions about entrepreneurship? The role of economic development
Pankaj C. Patel, Cornelius A. Rietveld


Skill improvement by product imitation
Ching T. Liao


Banking stability and borrower discouragement: a multilevel analysis for SMEs in the EU-28
Ana Mol-Gómez-Vázquez, Ginés Hernández-Cánovas, Johanna Koëter-Kant

Open Access 20-02-2021

The effects of social spending on entrepreneurship in developed nations
Shelby Solomon, Joshua S. Bendickson, Eric W. Liguori, Matthew R. Marvel


Motivational drivers to choose worker cooperatives as an entrepreneurial alternative: evidence from Spain
Maria Bastida, Alberto Vaquero García, Luisa Helena Pinto, Ana Olveira Blanco


The contribution of board experience to opportunity development in high-tech ventures
Jolien Roelandt, Petra Andries, Mirjam Knockaert


Do African resource rents promote rent-seeking at the expense of entrepreneurship?
Jonathan Munemo

Open Access 09-07-2021

Immigrant-native differences in long-term self-employment
Lina Aldén, Spencer Bastani, Mats Hammarstedt, Chizheng Miao

Open Access 08-05-2021

The Italian Start Up Act: a microeconometric program evaluation
Francesco Biancalani, Dirk Czarnitzki, Massimo Riccaboni

Open Access 21-01-2021

Informal institutions, transaction risk, and firm productivity in Myanmar
Michael Danquah, Kunal Sen

22-05-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Informal institutions, transaction risk, and firm productivity in Myanmar
Michael Danquah, Kunal Sen

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